Monday, July 21, 2008


I've been learning how to create amigurumi for the past two months, and I admire the fun and challenge of this crochet artform.

Like many people, I work in front of a flat computer screen everyday, so it is refreshing to crochet something that exists in non-digital 3D space!

I was inspired to try amigurumi by many talented artists on the internet (especially Yummy Pancake). And I was encouraged to continue the craft by my supportive girlfriend (who can crochet a mean scarf) and family (who are used to my artsy, non-sporty pursuits).

My first crochet creation was an orange. But most people thought it was a pumpkin. I went with the flow and now describe my first amigurumi as a "genetically-modified pumpkin-orange hybrid". Or an "orangekin".

I'm hoping my amigurumi skills will improve, and I hope you'll enjoy viewing my future crochet creations on!

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