Monday, October 10, 2011

Behind the Bite

The recent video of the Cute-a-killer was shot over the summer, mostly during MJ's days off work. Along with operating the camera, MJ puppeteered the Cute-a-killer using marionette sticks (aka "fishing rods")...

MJ as Puppeteer

This behind-the-scenes video shows bloopers and outakes from the Cute-a-killer shoot:

I still feel anxious when I see the Cute-a-killer from its perch above my fireplace.  MJ was also shaken by the ordeal, and she drew this animation during her art therapy session:

Created using Inchworm Animation on MJ's Nintendo 3DS

Thank you for your multiple talents, MJ! And thank you all for the shared experience of encountering the Cute-a-killer!

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