Monday, July 27, 2009

Fridge Critter: Piki the Pig

On my fridge are eight animals I drew in 2001. Eight years later, I'm remaking them into crochet animals.

The seventh Fridge Critter is the Pig.

For many humans, the taste of bacon is so crispy, so juicy, and so right.

But when a pig wants to taste bacon, is it so wrong?

After years of increasing curiosity, Piki the Pig secretly asked another Fridge Critter to find him some bacon. Two strips on a plate.

Piki promised himself: Just one bite.

Even after he devoured the bacon and turned away in shame, he knew he wanted more. Someday soon, Piki the Pig would eat bacon again.

Just another bite.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fridge Critter: Turner the Turtle

I drew eight baby animals in 2001 and, eight years later, I'm remaking those illustrated animals into crocheted critters.

The sixth Fridge Critter is the turtle.

Turner the Turtle enjoys his privacy, so I was surprised to see him outside relaxing on a bed of moss.

This shy turtle avoids eye contact. If you look at him, he'll turn away:

And if you continue looking at him, he'll do this:

Taking the hint, I left Turner to enjoy his solitary summer afternoon.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, Turner prefers his windows closed.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fridge Critter: Sherman the Shark

Are you familiar with the Fridge Critters? In 2001, when I was learning to use a pen tablet, I drew eight baby animals and put that drawing on my fridge. To celebrate learning and my first year of crocheting, I'm recreating that 2D drawing into 3D crochet form.

The fifth Fridge Critter is the shark.

His name is Sherman, and he's a natural-born killer. Watch out!

He has sunk his yarny teeth into the blubber-rich bum of a walrus.
He has munched on a school of sardines who would forever be late for class.
He has clamped onto a bucking beluga whale, all in slow-motion.
He has shared cod entrails in a blood-red sea of conquest and camaraderie.

And yet, late at night, he relaxes his unblinking eyes and sees a scene of green. It's a dream where every bite blooms with redemption and tastes not of impending death but of flourishing life.

He would kill for some broccoli.

My girlfriend captured this video of me shooting Sherman:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fridge Critter: Darla the Duckling

From a drawing on my fridge, the yellow duckling is the forth Fridge Critter to come to life in crochet form.

Her name is Darla.

She would be happy to spend all summer in the park's pond. She does wish that swan was nicer to the ducks. Last week, after barging through the pond like it was king, the swan glared at Darla: "Know your place, ugly duckling."

Here's a video of the bullying swan:

But what bothers Darla the most is when the swan honks at her dad:

Sometimes Darla imagines swimming up to that bully:

And sometimes Darla imagines twisting that swan's neck into a big ol' knot until he swims away forever.

But then Darla's heart beats fast, and she takes a deep breath. After all, it is summer, the water is warm, and the dark thoughts can wait.

Especially for a duckling named Darla.

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