Monday, September 26, 2011

Cute-a-killer *UPDATED*

Do you remember the Cute-a-pillar? It was made from five faces that portrayed the Fundamentals of Cuteness. I photographed the Cute-a-pillar when it scuttled across my lawn, not to be seen again.


Until yesterday.

I'll post new photos next week, after my recovery. For now, here's a video of my encounter with the Cute-a-killer:

UPDATE - Oct 3, 2011:

I've recovered in time to post this photo of the elusive cute-a-killer: 


MJ photographed my pursuit of the predator:

This encounter with the Cute-a-killer taught me a new fundamental truth about Cuteness: it can act as a disguise. Cuteness can hide horrors, even within something as harmless as a caterpillar.

UPDATE - Oct 3, 2011:

Behind-the-scenes video & photos of the Cute-a-killer can be seen here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last Drop

On August 3rd, 2011, I received this email:

Renato attached these photos of his mom's beautiful crochet work:

I gratefully replied, and Renato sent me another email:

I accepted his kind invitation, and suggested we meet at the garden where the Raining Cats and Dogs were installed 1.5 years ago. One raindrop remained:

Susan the Bull Terrier

Renato's girlfriend, Weiping, took photos while MJ recorded this video of our meet:

August 17, 2011

And here are the intricately-crocheted gifts that Renato's mom, Anita, made in Brazil...

An angel:

A pouch with rosary beads:

Thank you, Renato, for arranging our first meeting, which also became a fitting farewell for the last raindrop. And thank you, Anita, for reaching out and sharing your divine yarn creations!

Photos by Weiping, taken at Davie Village Community Garden 
in Vancouver on August 17, 2011

And so—on this sunny summer day—a raindrop fell and the distance between two continents (& two crocheters) was bridged by a few feet of yarn!

UPDATE - Sept 12, 2011:

Renato just sent me this email, after viewing the latest blog entry:

Here are photos of Anita with her fun family, two raindrops (Shorty & Susan), and some WooWork trinkets (including an early ice cream cone):

And here are new photos of Anita's creations, including the vinyl record she crocheted for her musical son, Nedu:

All my gratitude and good wishes to Anita's kind-hearted and creative family!

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