Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Behind the Wheel

Here are bonus photos from the previous "Woo on Wheels" post! Also, a PDF of last week's comic is downloadable here.

Old Man Woo races again

The official poster for the 1938 Woolen Hills Senior Care Home Grand Prix

Racer Woo with Old Man Woo in his "W" Racer car

Putting on my racer face

Old Man Woo's racer face

Old Man Woo driving fast and furiously

Motion-blurred: Old Man Woo

Motion-blurred: Howie Woo and Old Man Woo

Our racing helmets resemble fedoras.

Front view of the "W" Racer

Rear view of the "W" Racer

Presenting Old Man Woo in the "W" Racer

Mugshot of the Woo Crew: Shy Howie, Woomi, Howie Woo, and Old Man Woo

Here's a behind-the-scenes video about the construction of the "W" Racer and Old Man Woo:

Racing to the finish line

The secret to creating the above pic is revealed in more behind-the-scenes photos on the WooWork Facebook Page or on Flickr.

Thank you to MJ and Mom for helping photograph and videotape this project,
which took three to steer.

And thank you for visiting WooWork and participating in the grand race!

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