Sunday, September 27, 2015

Making the 'Woomi Wins' App - From Crochet to Code

When learning to crochet in 2008, it was confusing and frustrating at first. In 2013, I felt the same way when learning to code. Since we learn best by building a project, I thought about bringing Woomi to interactive life...

An early sketch of Woomi's app.

I imagined Woomi's app to be an adventure story with many interactive pieces. Users would control crazy machines and vehicles as Woomi plotted world conquest with his clones.

Built with Corona SDK
Of the many software development kits to use, I eventually picked Corona SDK because it can build 2D apps that run on both iOS and Android platforms. It's also free

For the next couple of years, I learned to code the way I learned to crochet: by following tutorials, watching YouTube guides, and reading reference docs and forums. The bit of math required was simpler than most crochet patterns. Instead, writing an app was like teaching a young robot: “Do this. Then, if this happens, do this. Or else, do that.”

My mantra throughout: "If teenagers can learn this, so can you!"

Woomi Wins was sparked by a sketch of Woomi's clone-making machine. Here it is, alongside the finalized scene in the app:

 Woomi's crocheting/cloning machine, before and after.

Another early sketch next to the finished scene:

Woomi's IGWOO compound.

*View/download the Woomi Wins sketchbook here (85-page, 21MB PDF file, free)

Woomi Wins was drawn with the same Wacom tablet I've used to draw for print publications since 2004. I also used custom Photoshop brushes that mimic natural media. 

I also made basic sprite animations, which were fun to preview:

A speed bump: the app required three sets of each drawing, to match the resolution of a user's device. Also, my 2010 laptop liked to crash a couple of times a day. Remember to backup! The spacebar too stopped working, so I used a clicky-sounding external keyboard.

For the sound effects, I relied on user-contributed sounds from the freesound community. I also recorded sounds with a USB mic and an old iPad:

A photo posted by Howie Woo (@woopix) on

For the Woomi Wins soundtrack, my mom played the harp and piano while I played the theremin:

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A video posted by Howie Woo (@woopix) on

The final tracks can be heard here:

I used Audacityanother free programto edit all the sounds.

Publishing an app on Apple's App Store and Google Play invites a global audience, but it costs $100US/yr to be an Apple developer, and a $25US one-time-fee to be a Google developer. Both companies also take a 30% commission from each app sold. It's free to be an Amazon developer.


Woomi Wins finally landed in the app stores on September 15, 2015at $1.99USamong the millions of other apps. Woo!

If you download Woomi Wins onto your phone or tablet, I hope you enjoy Woomi's comic, cosmic misadventures! The app was made with love and built to entertain, clear of ads or in-app purchases.

When learning any new craft, confusion and frustration will greet you. Stick to it, and creative joy will greet you too.

Whether crocheting or coding, even basic techniques can lead to detailed designs. And fun stories can be told with those designs.

Thank you for all your supportthen and nowfrom crochet to code! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Woomi Wins

Woomi was brought to yarn life in 2008 as my alter-ego, but he grew his own feisty personality over the years.

Today, Woomi is brought to interactive life in Woomi Wins, a new app that's available in the App Store and Google Play.

Here's the official description of the app, also found at

Play the role of a yarn-made boy who creates 
cloning machines to launch a world invasion from space!

Woomi was made from yarn, but wants to build new friends from yarn and steel. Armed with clone-making machines and a UFO, join Woomi as he slam-dunks Earth in this comic, cosmic adventure! Presenting hand-drawn graphics and an interactive story that encourages discovery, Woomi Wins will delight crafty mischief-makers of all ages!

  • 14 ACTION-PACKED SCENES of button-pushing, switch-flipping, yarnball-tossing, paint-scratching, planet-twirling, star-drawing fun!
  • a FUNNY, ALL-AGES STORY that inspires a build-it-yourself spirit and an appreciation for inventiveness and friendship.
  • HAND-DRAWN illustrations and charming animation!
  • PHYSICS-BASED ENVIRONMENTS where wacky objects can be thrown, dragged, stacked and bounced.
  • a PHOTO GALLERY of 3D YARN CREATIONS (aka "amigurumi") from, the crochet blog that tells whimsical stories with yarncraft.
  • OPTIMIZED beautifully for phones and tablets.
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Both Woomi and Woomi Wins were handcrafted with love. To make Woomi, I learned to crochet. To make Woomi Wins, I learned to code; a process I'll detail in a future blog post. Until then, I hope you pick up the app and enjoy interacting with Woomi's action-packed plot to win the world!

1.5 years later, Woomi approves.

Woomi at the controls.

Me and Woomi with the "Woomi Wins" app.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Coming soon: The "Woomi Wins" app

The Woomi Wins app will be available in the App Store and Google Play on September 15, 2015!

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