Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fridge Critter: Pandara★♥ the Pink Panda

The third featured Fridge Critter is the panda on the left. I don't remember why I coloured her pink in the 2D drawing, but her pink fur made the transition to 3D crochet form:

Her name is Pandara★♥. She added the star and heart to her name, to reflect her individuality. Pandara★♥'s parents raised her to feel special, especially since pandas are an endangered species.

At the community garden, passerbys will ask Pandera★♥ why she's pink. She replies, "I'm 1/8th flamingo." Everyone oohs and ahhs, and she likes their reaction. "Wow, you're so exotic!"

The real reason for her pink fur is a secret:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fridge Critter: Bleu the Blue Bird

The blue bird is the second Fridge Critter brought to 3D life from a 2D drawing on my fridge.

His name is Bleu, and he is infamous for eavesdropping on juicy conservations. Chatty birds must watch their backs:

A saving grace to Bleu: he gossips only to the morning worms. And then he eats them.

Before she flew to France forever, Bleu's mom told him, "No one shares secrets with someone who tells them." Like most parental advice, it's a lesson still to be learned.

So, for now, look around before telling secrets. A little bird might tell them too!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fridge Critter: Squire the Squirrel

Each time I visit my fridge, I'm greeted by critters.

I drew these animals when I was learning to use a pen tablet, and digitally-coloured this scanned pencil sketch. I printed the drawing and—because I wasn't blogging in 2001—posted these critters on my fridge eight years ago.

One year ago, I was learning to use a crochet hook. The thrill of learning to make amigurumi was like the thrill of learning to draw digitally. To marry these twin thrills, I'm remaking this 2D cartoon into 3D crochet.

The first of eight Fridge Critters is a squirrel. His name is Squire.

Here's some trivia to add more dimension to Squire the Squirrel: Did you know he's mildly allergic to acorns? He eats popcorn from the park's concession stand instead. He does collect and mash acorns into a paste for his ailing grandmother's toothless consumption. He also donates food to neighbourhood squirrels:

The remaining seven Fridge Critters will thaw as the new season approaches; a summer that is rich with the smell of acorn paste and the thrill of learning new things.

UPDATE: Here's a video that my gf recorded of Squire's squirrel encounter:

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