Monday, April 25, 2011

Stalled by Shyness

Do you get tongue-tied around strangers? Do you feel self-conscious in public? Maybe you're shy...

I felt especially shy when I was 18. That year, I ordered from a drive-thru window for the first time. I became so self-conscious, I paid for my order and sped away without my food:

That same year, I entered university. Without friends or familiar settings, I became too embarrassed to eat alone on campus. A public bench would've felt like a public stage:

One day, my grumbling stomach led me to a private setting:

I closed the door to my washroom stall and brought out my lunch:

When I bit into my sandwich, I realized how severely my shyness had stalled me, literally:

Since then, I've resisted my shy impulses. Though not every anxious battle is won, I can now eat alone on a public bench (reluctantly). Yes, my girlfriend still orders for me at drive-thru windows. But I have never again dined in a lavatory.

The best shyness-management tip I've followed: Act as if you're outgoing, and most people won't notice that you're shy. After awhile—ideally—neither will you.

Was there a memorable moment when shyness stalled you? Please share! And please dine sanitarily.

Bon app├ętit!

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