Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My job-savvy cousin, Ray, surprised our families with a mega announcement: he had gotten married at a garden getaway earlier this month and we were invited to celebrate their joyous union at a lavish dinner!

I wanted to crochet something nuptial-y for the special event, so I made this:

A crocheted bride & groom might have been a more traditional wedding gift, but a megaphone is fitting for a mega announcement, isn't it?

The celebration wedding dinner was held last weekend, and here's a video of Ray and his lovely wife, Joanne:

Here are the happy newlyweds. With baby megaphone.

Congratulations, Ray & Joanne! You make a MEGAdorable new couple!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sat-Track Surveillance Watch with Remote Bug

The name is Woo. Howie Woo.

As a dashing international spy, I enjoy good martinis, good suits, and good gadgets. My newest spy gadget is codenamed The Sat-Track Surveillance Watch:

The Watch is accompanied by this Remote Bug:

Earlier, I had stealthily placed the magnetic Remote Bug onto my target:

My current mission is to track down this moving target, map its mysterious route, and retrieve its Cold War payload.

Would you like to see how the Sat-Track Surveillance Watch works? This information is classified, but I trust anyone on the internet.

The green button begins communication between the Watch and the Remote Bug. Tracking ON! Even the glare of the sun couldn't obscure my target now. The red button turns off the location tracking.

The Sat-Track Surveillance Watch is equipped with a mini-satellite, and rotating the dish casts a 360° sweep of the surrounding area. Target acquired!

Like my double-O colleagues, I like to travel in style. At a blistering 40mph, the Spy Scooter can take me anywhere my Watch leads. Here's a video:

The yellow dot on the Watch's screen shows my target's exact location, and the beeps get louder as I get closer.

Target found!

The Cold War ice cream truck eluded the spy agency all season, but I recovered the truck's top-secret payload before the end of summer. Just in time.

It's another mission accomplished, thanks to Agent Woo and the Sat-Track Surveillance Watch with Remote Bug!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blue for Two

My mom and MJ's mom celebrated their birthdays this summer, separated only by a month.

I crocheted blue flowers for both of them, and here are videos (of my mom and of MJ's mom) that show their sweet reactions to the bouquets.

Though I didn't follow a pattern, I based my mom's blue flower on photos of Diana Prince's free flower pot pattern at MyGurumi. Diana makes the most elegantly-shaped amigurumi.

For my girlfriend's mom's blue flower, I followed a rosette pattern from Lion Brand yarn. It was gratifying to make the same coiled flowers my grandma made decades ago.

Martha Stewart said she once knitted a scarf for her father, who wore it for a day before losing it. Similarly, my mom's blue flower has recently gone missing. We looked everywhere. Ah well, flowers are best enjoyed for a moment, right?

Happy birthday, Moms! Two blue flowers for two beautiful people!

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