Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blue for Two

My mom and MJ's mom celebrated their birthdays this summer, separated only by a month.

I crocheted blue flowers for both of them, and here are videos (of my mom and of MJ's mom) that show their sweet reactions to the bouquets.

Though I didn't follow a pattern, I based my mom's blue flower on photos of Diana Prince's free flower pot pattern at MyGurumi. Diana makes the most elegantly-shaped amigurumi.

For my girlfriend's mom's blue flower, I followed a rosette pattern from Lion Brand yarn. It was gratifying to make the same coiled flowers my grandma made decades ago.

Martha Stewart said she once knitted a scarf for her father, who wore it for a day before losing it. Similarly, my mom's blue flower has recently gone missing. We looked everywhere. Ah well, flowers are best enjoyed for a moment, right?

Happy birthday, Moms! Two blue flowers for two beautiful people!


  1. You are such a good son! How sweet.

  2. Very cool flowers... and very cute mums!

  3. Oh my goodness! What sweet Mom's ya'll have & how sweet ya'll are to them!!

  4. paige: Thanks! I try to not be a bad son, at least :D

    PaisleyJade: I've wanted to try making crochet flowers for awhile, so our moms' twin birthdays were a fun opportunity to do so! What MJ & I find funny about the videos is how we reflect our own mom's personalities. Thank you!

    inkberryblue: Thanks for your cuteness vote :)

    Miss Julep: hehe Yes, we're lucky to have moms who are sweet and who don't make us scrub the floors :D

    By the way, MJ & I were watching the Food Network feature food from the South (like CherryWine soda & Blue Bell ice Cream), and I thought of you! :D


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