Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sat-Track Surveillance Watch with Remote Bug

The name is Woo. Howie Woo.

As a dashing international spy, I enjoy good martinis, good suits, and good gadgets. My newest spy gadget is codenamed The Sat-Track Surveillance Watch:

The Watch is accompanied by this Remote Bug:

Earlier, I had stealthily placed the magnetic Remote Bug onto my target:

My current mission is to track down this moving target, map its mysterious route, and retrieve its Cold War payload.

Would you like to see how the Sat-Track Surveillance Watch works? This information is classified, but I trust anyone on the internet.

The green button begins communication between the Watch and the Remote Bug. Tracking ON! Even the glare of the sun couldn't obscure my target now. The red button turns off the location tracking.

The Sat-Track Surveillance Watch is equipped with a mini-satellite, and rotating the dish casts a 360° sweep of the surrounding area. Target acquired!

Like my double-O colleagues, I like to travel in style. At a blistering 40mph, the Spy Scooter can take me anywhere my Watch leads. Here's a video:

The yellow dot on the Watch's screen shows my target's exact location, and the beeps get louder as I get closer.

Target found!

The Cold War ice cream truck eluded the spy agency all season, but I recovered the truck's top-secret payload before the end of summer. Just in time.

It's another mission accomplished, thanks to Agent Woo and the Sat-Track Surveillance Watch with Remote Bug!


  1. We are totally cracking up here! Love the "but I trust anyone on the internet" part... and the icecream face!

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again... You are a legend!

  3. I could totally use a Sat-Track Surveillance Watch to track down the whereabouts of my bear son Ted. Ingenious invention, Howie!!!

  4. Awesome scooter! Love the Sat-Track gadget, very useful.

  5. Love that last shot! hehe. You crack me up! :)

  6. S.: License to Thrill! ;)

    PaisleyJade: hehe Icecream face is fun to wear once every summer, at least! I'd wear more casual clothes though....

    Burton: Thanks! Most spies have to dodge plenty of bullets to reach legendary status :D

    TADA's Revolution: Ted the bear is missing?! Agent Woo will track him down! I have a car that leaves a trail of honey.

    Frizz: Thanks :) Despite the smell of gas and almost driving into parked cars, that scooter was so much fun to steer!

    Rebekah: hehe Spies enjoy ice cream too ;) Maybe too much?

  7. Dear Super Agent Woo,
    This is JUST what I've been looking for - for my CAT! I can't seem to find a decent kitty gps system, but it looks like this tracker would work flawlessly! I also happen to think he'd look very dashing with that little tracker bouncing around on top of his head or at the tip of his tail. I'm hoping that's a little green flashing light on the unit as it would make night time reconnaissance much easier as well!
    Please let me know when these units are in full production.
    Ivana Trackmycat

  8. Lol, literally, lol, from a new crochet fan.

  9. Can the Sat-Track Surveillance Watch track multiple Remote Bugs? As of next week, there will be five teenagers living in this house, and I could use all the help (aka tracking devices) I can get! I want a STSW, but will I need a scooter and an awesome suave jacket as well?

  10. I've often wondered where the ice cream truck goes in winter . . . I think you're just the man for this mission!

    And when you find it, don't eat ALL the chocolate! ;)

  11. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! My mascara is running from my tears of joy & laughter! Oh & thanks to you my diet is out the window for today...I'm off to capture some ice cream. Too bad I don't have a Sat rack Surveillance watch. Does it keep time too?

  12. Dear 00W,

    That made my day. Thanks!


    PS: Perhaps you could track the Canada Post trucks and find out where our magazines end up when our reader's don't get them?

  13. hahahahahaha!So creative and original, you look lovely with ice cream on your face .... you are very funny..thousand kisses for you!

  14. You, sir, are brilliant. I hope your photographer got some ice cream as well - s/he did a lovely job.

  15. This is fantastic. I just discovered your blog, and I'm really enjoying it.

    If you haven't already, you should really consider submitting some of your designs to The AntiCraft ( You'd fit right in!

  16. Louise: hehe Cat-Track Watch? Million-dollar idea! If I make a Dog-Track Watch too, I'll be hawking them both on late-night infomercials instead of spying ;)

    Kate: Congratulations on taking up crochet! Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I'll be looking for your upcoming crochet creations!

    taffyyarn: I hear that the upcoming model of the STSW can track multiple targets (with different coloured Remote Bugs). But, for now, I'm sure you are Super Agent enough to manage those rambunctious teens? Good luck! :D

    JenGoPop: Once it's winter, even Agent Woo couldn't find that ice cream truck ;) MJ & I had a hard time finding this truck over the summer, and had to chase it for several blocks before we could ambush it for photos!

    But if I do find the ice-cream truck this winter, I'll share some of the ice-cream with you for sure :D

    Miss Julep: hehe Ah well, you deserved to splurge on ice-cream! And yes, the Sat Track Watch does keep time, as long as it's always Ice Cream Time!

    Dave: I've been on the case of those missing magazines for awhile! I'll be taking reconnaissance photos of a certain orange Professor next week ;)

    Enedina N.: Thank you for the thousand hershey kisses! They'll be perfect for sprinkling on more ice cream :) hehe

    Melissa: My gf, MJ, took the photos but, alas, she prefers Chocolate-Chip Mint ice-cream. You're right, I owe her lots of ice-cream treats in exchange for her talent & patience! Thanks for the reminder :)

    Ann: I'm glad you discovered the blog! Thanks for reminding me about The AntiCraft site. I remember seeing a cool crochet chainsaw from there before. Impressive stuff! :)

  17. This skit is SO COOL! You are a hoot and a half, Woo! I've been watching your sight, but this entry is the best!! Keep up the great work!!

  18. Nooooooooooobody does it betterrrrrrr,
    Makes me feel saaaaaaaaaad for the reeeeeeest,
    Nobody crooooooochets,
    Half as good as yooooooooooooou,
    Woo Work you're the beeeeeeeeeeeeest.

    Deadly Knitshade x

  19. fantastic detail! thanks for sharing another fun creation :)

  20. Anonymous: I am grateful for your hoot and a half rating, and will continue to work hard for the other half of that hoot! :D

    Deadly Knitshade: Wow, if you sing that theme song in your famous public-speaking voice, I will proudly make it my ringtone! :D

    youngmi: Thanks for noticing the lil' deets! :)

  21. Your killing me. I am having the best time looking at your art. Your are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Hugs, Gail

  22. STRJKTKNITTING: Thanks Gail :) I'm glad you're having a fun time, and I'll keep aiming to entertain!

  23. WOW!!! LOVE YOUR CRAFTS!! So creative and unusual!!

  24. Jullie Teo: Thanks! I'm happy that you find some of my creations unusual :) I enjoy making stuff that I'd love to have or use!

    Twinkie: Thanks for loving all-things-espionage! ;)

  25. LOL! I love your stuff! What sort of thread did you use for the satellite?

  26. ibugyellow: Thank you, I'm glad you do! The yarn is called Lollipop Knitting Yarn, which I purchased from Here's their link!

  27. That's so cool! I love your ideas, but also the way you present them - the photo story is fantastic! I like your acting/expressions, really convincing and so much fun.

    I also saw photos of your rain (raining cats and dogs) on today, that is such an awesome idea!

    Keep it up! :-)

  28. oh my god! you just scored yourself a new fan! that was gold. pure gold.

  29. Weird: Thanks for all the positive feedback! Your encouragement is like creative fuel. I'll be following your Weird&Twisted blog too :)

    mOther: I'm glad you're a new gold-standard fan! :D Thanks!

  30. I just randomly stumbled across this on a Google search, but this has been a really fun read that is so full of personality - awesome!


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