Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My job-savvy cousin, Ray, surprised our families with a mega announcement: he had gotten married at a garden getaway earlier this month and we were invited to celebrate their joyous union at a lavish dinner!

I wanted to crochet something nuptial-y for the special event, so I made this:

A crocheted bride & groom might have been a more traditional wedding gift, but a megaphone is fitting for a mega announcement, isn't it?

The celebration wedding dinner was held last weekend, and here's a video of Ray and his lovely wife, Joanne:

Here are the happy newlyweds. With baby megaphone.

Congratulations, Ray & Joanne! You make a MEGAdorable new couple!


  1. CUTE,CUTE,CUTE...people & megannouncementphone!!!

  2. Very cool & Congrats to the lovely couple !!

  3. Very cute. Will come in handy when they need to yell at each other from each end of the house oneday ("breakfast in bed please").

  4. hahaa nice... very cute...
    Hows the pattern writing going?

  5. Miss Julep: Thanks for the three CUTES for each newlyweds and megaphone! :D

    Alisha: I passed your congrats to Ray, thank you!

    Chiaki: I'm glad you like it! I was relieved that Ray & Joanne seemed to like it too, though I don't know if the megaphone will be appearing on their fireplace mantle haha

    PaisleyJade: Hmm, should more wedded households have megaphones? I can see it coming in handy, and yet I also see it being thrown out the window ;)

    AniDoll: Thanks! I still haven't fallen in love with the process of pattern writing yet. Maybe I'll court it for awhile before committing to writing them for the rest of my life ;)

  6. Wow, this is a mega awesome wedding gift!! Congrats to the lovely couple!!!

  7. nice :) red and white were the perfect choice for this :D

  8. TADA's Revolution: Thank you for the congrats! I don't know how practical a gift it is, but I hope the megaphone makes up for it in fun? :)

    PixelatedMushroom: I'm so glad to hear you say that! I kinda felt the red clashed with the evening's purple theme. If I could go back in time, I would drag in my own bright-yellow backdrop :D

  9. Olá,
    Very,very interesting, beautiful!!

  10. Nice Lima: Thank you! I'm happy that you see the megaphone as beautiful! :)

  11. This is so very cool!



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