Thursday, October 8, 2009

How the Fire Started

Last month, the local news reported that a mushroom farm was destroyed by a massive fire.

The fire was attributed to hay bales bursting into flames due to spontaneous combustion.

But this photo—which was captured moments before the blaze—tells the full story:

And that is how the fire started.


  1. I am shocked! Those mushrooms have zero understanding of caution.

  2. Wheres the video??
    thats a CUTE Cake!! <3

  3. Ha ha ha! That is the cutest little group of crochet creatures ever!!

  4. That's a fantastic picture - I love the expressions on their faces. The third mushroom from left looks like a 'fungi' to be with (sorry :D)

  5. Well, duh. EVERYONE knows what happens when mushrooms start drinking tequila.....

  6. I seen a mushroom in my back yard not long ago. I'm going to need to keep a close eye on it from now on. They have so much character and are adorable! Love the cake as well!

  7. heheheheh that's soo funny!
    love it
    i love all the little details u put in the pic too, like the little gift and the actuall candle

  8. Sharona: Yes, they finally understood the meaning of caution for a brief, bright, terrible moment.

    AniDoll: The video was lost in the fire, unfortunately. I was lucky to escape with the photo! ;)

    PaisleyJade: They would have been happy to hear about your cute compliment, thanks!

    Burton: Pre-disaster photos can be funny, oddly enough ;)

    Kitty Ballistic: Yes, the third mushroom does look like a fun fungi! It was probably his idea to hold the surprise birthday party.

    Saffron: Yes, the tequila went straight to their mushroom heads!

    twistyfishies: hehe Yes, it's good to keep a close eye on that backyard mushroom, especially if he's carrying matches ;) I'm glad you like the cake: it is made from fertilizer and decorated with dollops of truffle & baby white mushrooms ;)

    Eliz: Thanks for noticing the details :) I'm just glad the candle's flame didn't burn the cake during the photos!

    PixelatedMushroom: I'm glad you like these mushrooms, even though they're not pixelated ;)

    Verna: Thanks!

  9. Hmm, fried mushrooms ;)

    Cute, as ever :)

  10. I love the mushrooms - they are really having a blast with the birthday celebrations, I just hope they survived the terrible fire afterwards. Fantastic stuff - especially that cake, it looks good enough to eat.

  11. Goodness, they're even more careless about fire safety than these ladies I knew so well in my childhood: Hee hee

  12. Charlotte: Fried mushrooms with a demi-glace sauce? Delicious! :)

    Jessica: Thanks! The newspapers didn't report any survivors, but I'm also hopeful the mushrooms survived! Maybe they regrouped and are already partying it up :) I like to imagine the cake as chocolatey-goodness too, but I'm afraid it's likely a fertilizer cake, bleh :)

    jenmadestuff: You know what's funny about that youtube video about 12 careless ladybugs? I can count 12 mushrooms in the photo! I think we've stumbled across a dangerous number :D

  13. Parteeeee!!! I LOVE IT !!! Birthday mushroom, it's all your fault! I see the little present in the corner too! Sooooooo awesome!!

  14. They may be a bit careless with flames but they do look like fun-guys (fungis).


  15. The little minxes Tell them they'll be stroganoff if they do it again


  16. TADA's Revolution: hehe Yes, that birthday mushroom made it a doomsday for the others in the barn! :D Thanks for noticing the present!

    Deadly Knitshade: You're good to remind us of the potential dangers of combining carelessness & fun, whether it's coming from guys or fungi ;)

    eisoshirl: That's a very effective mushroom-threat, thanks! I wish they survived the blaze to hear that verbal warning, sigh...

  17. HA! There would have been no way I would have gotten back on that horse. But for orange soda? I think it might be worth it. ;]

  18. mochaxlight: Wow, your love of orange pop is so intense, it crossed into this older blog post! :D I'll dedicate my next orange soda-swig to you!


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