Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beware the Box Monster

What is the scariest monster you've seen on Halloween? A zombie? A werewolf? A ghost?

When I was a pre-teen boy trick-or-treating, I saw a creature that chilled my blood.

From a distance, the figure looked like a box: a box with feet and long arms that dragged on the pavement. The box was the same height as I was, so there must have been a child wearing that odd disguise.

As I approached the box costume, I saw that it wore a ghoulish, terrible face. And then it spoke:

The voice was gravelly—like an elderly man—but distorted like a smoker's artificial speaking valve. Was there a grown man inside that child-sized costume? Was it even... human?

The box costume became the Box Monster. I ran away, convinced the Monster's snake-like arms would grab my ankles and pull my fright-filled self into its eternal embrace.

I made it home alive, but I stayed frightened of the Box Monster for many nightmarish nights. If I never went trick-or-treating again, my excuse was that I had outgrown it. But I knew the real reason:

So be careful this Halloween. There are scary monsters out there. And there is one monster who may put you in a box too.

Beware the Box Monster


  1. Ha ha ha - how do you come up with such cool ideas! Creeeeepy...

  2. Oh I hope it didnt get you!

  3. You are such a great artist! Will you remember me when you get big and famous????? : )

  4. PaisleyJade: hehe Childhood is full of terrifying inspiration! I'm just lucky to have survived to tell the tale ;)

    pixelhazard: The Box Monster didn't get me then, but there are plenty of Halloweens for it to try again! *gulp*

    Shorty: Thanks! And yes, I will remember you whether I am big n' famous or small n' unknown haha

    mochaxlight: I hope you enjoyed the creepiness! I might share the creepiness by hanging the crochet Box Monster outside for the trick-or-treaters to see :D

    The Litter Box House: Thanks! I've eaten too much pre-Halloween candy too!

  5. The Box Monster is terrifying...look at his face! Sleep with the lights on, Howie!!

  6. Oh no - not the box monster! The cartoon version is truely scary... but for some reason the crochet version seems a little bit more cute and cuddly. Maybe he just wants to be friends?

  7. AGH! The box monster! I can never go to a storage and packaging store ever again now. Thanks a bunch!


  8. It could of course be a satellite gone bad? Great monster though.

  9. TADA's Revolution: Thanks for the good advice to sleep with the lights on! I'm also going to check under the bed repeatedly. And hang a mosquito net around me. Hmm, maybe I won't sleep at night for awhile...

    Jessica: Yes, I also wondered if the Box Monster was just extending its arms for a friendly hug. But I didn't want to take the risk, not even with its plushy version ;) The cuteness could be a trap!

    Deadly Knitshade: Wow, I never realized that storage & packaging stores could be breeding grounds for Box Monsters! But you inspired these defensive techniques...

    Fight vampires with wooden stakes. Fight werewolves with silver bullets. Fight Box Monsters with box cutters!

    Ewa: I sure hope the Box Monster was just a satellite gone bad. Instead of a crushing embrace, the worse it could do was interfere with my television reception! *phew*


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