Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sour over Lemon Sharks

Wikipedia? More like Wrongipedia!

Did you read their article about the lemon shark? Laughable!

Not only does the site fail to mention the pale yellow skin of the lemon shark, but their page shows a photo of the wrong shark!

Everyone knows what a real lemon shark looks like:

The lemon shark is often mistaken for a lemonhead shark, which was named after Lemonhead® candy in the 1960s.
This is a lemonhead shark:

Someone should fix Wikipedia and correct their shameful errors & omissions about lemon sharks. Until then, I'll be getting my facts about citrus fish elsewhere!

Sourly yours,

Old Man Howie


  1. Ha ha ha!!! Your brain must be full of strange ideas - very very cool!!

  2. Very beautiful, I really like what you do.

  3. Oh that is so cute. really creative.

  4. I love the bow tie! :-)
    Your work is amazing.

  5. Too funny! Love the post and your citrus creatures! It's wonderful that they have such great smiles when they are mis-referenced in our society. Kudos to you for righting this wrong! : )

  6. As always you did not disappoint! Such a cute blog entry... love the homage to Lemonhead!

  7. All right. Dude. You've made some cute things here. But that lemon shark? That is the CUTEST so far. I love those crazy teeth!

    (Mmmm . . . I wonder if he'd be sweet and sour inside . . . )

  8. PaisleyJade: I wish my brain had stranger ideas, so thanks for encouraging the production of more strangeness-serotonin! :D

    orgucuoyuncakc─▒nine: Your crochet work is beautiful too, thank you!

    Thea: Thanks! And please say hi to Bunny for me :)

    Anonymous: I appreciate the bow-tie love! That lemonhead mascot is a dandy dresser, isn't he?

    Shorty: Yes, we should all stick up for society's mis-referenced victims, especially when they're citrusy and sharky! Thanks for recognizing this important fight! ;D

    Maven: It's always fun to pay homage to childhood candy :) I visited a fancy candy store yesterday and asked for Lemonhead candy. The owner hadn't heard of it before, so the sweet search continues!

    JenGoPop: haha I'm glad you find the lemon shark cute! MJ says it's scary looking. It kinda reminds me of Bat Boy :)

    You're not alone in wondering what a lemon shark tastes like. At the very least, it wouldn't be necessary to add extra lemon to those fish fillets? ;)

  9. Thanks for clearing up the whole lemon shark debarkle. I don't think I would like to eat something as cute as that though, it would be like eating a panda. definately a no-no.

  10. howie, is it true that lemon sharks are distantly related to orange roughy?

  11. Mel Makes Pretty: You're right, critters aren't as appetizing when they're cute. But would you eat a Panda Hot Pocket? I hear they're delicious! ;)

    Anonymous: I read that lemon sharks prey on orange roughy fish. And though I don't know any better, I hereby declare that lemon sharks and orange roughy are also related. Does Wikipedia mention that fact? Of course not, those wrongy wrongertons!

    Cinthya: Thank you for your citrus love! :)

  12. Yay! Lemonhead sharks!! Hope they move into the gulf down here 'cause I'm going fishin'!!
    You are hilarious & clever, as always!!

  13. Is there any chance of a pattern for this lovely? I work at an aquarium (Sadly, no Lemon sharks for us, only Nurse sharks and Sand-Tiger sharks.), and this would make a fabulous gift for my Secret Santa giftee (we start early). If there's no pattern, perhaps for purchase?

  14. Miss Julep: If you went shark-fishin', I can imagine you attracting a dozen of them on your hook! You have lemonhead sharks in your future! :D

  15. Ana: Thanks for your interest! I haven't skipped along the path to writing patterns or selling crochet, but if I do, I'll email you and remember your association with the sharks! Wow, you have a dream job! :)

  16. My dear Howie, I think you got your citrus sharks almost as confused as Wikipedia. I managed to scrape up some pictures of a true lemon shark here.

  17. Karen: Wow, that species of lemon shark was previously thought to be extinct! Congratulations on your amazing find! Did you happen to see a Lime Shark when you were exploring the seas too? ;)

  18. Things are getting busy at my day job, but I hope to take the old submersible out soon. I had to cut that trip short after the kraken tied my air umbilical into a Chinese Pan-Chang knit.


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