Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Woomi Plays Basketball

My recent eyeball escapade made me realize that there will be times when I'm unable to blog. Whether they're health-related or work-related, some urgent demands may require me to temporarily hand the blogging ball to another teammate.

Have you met Woomi?

Crocheted in late 2008, he's my more-athletic, more-mischievous alter ego.

Today, he returns to the spotlight with the debut of his own comic strip:

In my teens, I loved playing basketball. But I abandoned sports when an early onset of arthritis sidelined me from high-impact activities. Woomi—lacking bones—is arthritis-free and surprisingly aerodynamic:

Play on, Woomi! You're the star this week! Win one for the WooWork team!


  1. Love the comic strip - naughty Woomi!!

  2. "more-athletic"- that's good one! :o) I like this little sportsman, but doesn't he need a girlfriend now? Make a girl for him, that would be nice, right?

  3. Another talented example of your work. Love it!

  4. Hahaha, I love the comic strip and I love Woomi! He looks just like you! You are amazing!
    I didn't know you had a fb fan page. I'm going to go and fan you :)

  5. I love how Woomi's tongue is sticking out in his action photo.

  6. PaisleyJade: Yes, Woomi is a bit of a bully!

    Nahla: I'm glad you like the comic too!

    Naja: If Woomi gets a girlfriend, what would I name her? Woomette? Wooweena? MJii? I don't know what Woomi's dating situation is. If he's an athlete, maybe he plays the field!

    orgucuoyuncakc─▒nine: Thanks for your Turkish compliments!

    Shorty: Thank you! Woomi was demanding some screen time :D

    BeyondStitches: I'm glad you love Woomi, though that might go to his head. For now, I'll just tell him that you mildly approve ;) I fanned your fan page too!

    Amy Lynn: I'm glad you noticed Woomi's mid-flight tongue :) I think Woomi fancies himself to be a shorter, yarnier Michael Jordan.

  7. Go Woomi! Great comic strip, hope you're feeling better soon!

  8. ~Feather.Wing~: I appreciate your well wishes for Woomi & me :) Thanks, I'm starting to get dual vision again!

    dhan2143: haha yes, Woomi has been using his new tongue to blow raspberries, unfortunately.

  9. Don't you just love alter-egos? They get into all kind of mischief . . .

    Hope your eye is doing better, by the way. Especially since Woomi just socked you in it with a baskeball. :D

  10. I like how Woomi is concentrating so hard on dribbling that his tongue is sticking out :P

    I'm sorry to hear about your arthritis. I hope your eye is getting better too.

  11. JenGoPop: Yes, those alter egos can be a mixed blessing I'm seeing in 3D again, thanks for asking and no thanks to Woomi's good aim! ;)

    TADA's Revolution: hehe With his tongue out, Woomi was dribbling while he was dribbling! His opponents should bring rain gear, yuck

    Even though the arthritis led to the eye inflammation, I've been lucky that the arthritis hasn't seriously affected me in other ways. Creaky bones are better than no bones, at least :D Thank you for your kind wishes!

  12. Love the comic strip! You should syndicate it!
    Don't know what was wrong with your eye, but hope it's better soon! Early onset of arthritis? NOT fun :(

  13. Jana: A daily syndicated Woomi comic strip would equal a lot of daily abuse from Woomi! I'd be bruised ;)

    My eye is maybe 80% recovered now, thank you! My arthritis has progressed very slowly since I was 13, so I feel very lucky. I'll probably be all rusty TinMan-ish when I'm older (like most of us), but there's much to crochet before then! ;)

  14. I've been following your blog for only a short time now, but I have to say that you are the most creative crocheter I have ever "met!" I love your blog and your art!

  15. Serendipity Handmade: There are plenty of talented crocheters (including yourself) but I'm happy to receive your generous encouragement, thank you :D It's super to meet you as well!


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