Sunday, November 15, 2009

Uveitis? It's alrightis.

Last week, the vision in my left eye became blurred. I experienced this inflammation before and knew the condition by name: uveitis. The grisly photo in Wikipedia's uveitis page doesn't reflect my current state, but my eye was red enough to require medical attention. With any eye inflammation, seek medical attention ASAP!

My mom and my girlfriend kindly took me to the eye doctor's office, where I was prescribed steroid eye drops for the next three weeks. On the way home, we looked for an eye patch, but the stores didn't have them in stock.

So—with the help of my good right eye—I crocheted this eye patch:

This muscular eye patch is made to enhance the steroids my left eye is taking. After three weeks, I expect my performance-enhanced eye to be inflammation-free and able to lift tanker trucks!

I'll be recovering for a bit, so a special guest will be starring in next week's blog entry.

If you have an unwelcome illness visiting you, I wish you a quick and complete recovery. And may your health outlook be positive for as far as the eye can see.


  1. That is so funny - i hope your eye mends up super fast!!

  2. You found the good cure for your ill eye ;)
    Hope everything will be ok very fast :)

  3. Looks like Mad-Eye Moody! I've had that eye thing before too, hope it heals fast, I imagine it's not easy to crochet without depth perception.

  4. Oh no - a fabulous artist like you can't have eye problems!!! But hey, I guess if you have to have an eye issue you couldn't do it with more style. Awesomeness. ;)

  5. Hope your eye mends soon. And I love the eye patch, although it's slightly disturbing. :-D

  6. Oh no's, I hope your eye recovers quickly, Howie! Nick, my husband, had a similar eye infection a year ago. He ended up in the hospital for a week. He was not a happy camper. I think your eye patch would have cheered him up!

  7. Fantastic patch! "Eye" hope your eye heals up soon. (Har har)

  8. i hope your eye heals quickly! and i'm very impressed that you're able to crochet with only one good eye. total pro :)

  9. I wish I had an eye inflammation so that I could wear a cool eye patch like that!!!! Howie, you are incredible! Hope you are on the mend soon!

  10. Thank you all for the kind eye wishes :) I'm getting used to functioning with one eye right now, and have only walked into a few walls!

    PaisleyJade: Thanks, I also hope everything is mended in 3 weeks, in time to see the holiday feasts in full 3D :)

    Christelle: Yes, if only we could all crochet the cures to all our illnesses! Thank you :)

    raeonix: That Mad-Eye Moody beat me to the eye-eyepatch. His patch looks permanent though, so he deserves the honour ;) I'm happy to hear that you recovered fully!

    Jennifer: Thanks, I'm glad you find the eyepatch stylish. When I recover, maybe I'll wear it at the discotheques haha

    Kitty Ballistic: Yes, the eyepatch can be slightly disturbing, especially at night in the mirror Darn, I should have made it glow-in-the-dark...

    TADA's Revolution: Wow, I'm glad your husband is better now! I'd hate to be stuck in the glum hospital, just thinking about my eye. I'm sure you cheered him up with your visits!

    JenGoPop: hehe If you visited hospital patients with your puns, they would get well quick! haha ;) Thanks!

    youngmi: Thanks, it's surprisingly easy to crochet with one good eye! Though I won't be juggling swords in the public square for awhile ;)

    ecuadoriana: haha Since you asked, I can lend you my eye inflammation when I'm done with it! In fact, you don't even have to return it ;D

  11. You are soooooo crazy!!!! I'm still laughing, which I shouldn't be doing...It's not polite. I do hope that you get well very, very soon! O.K....I'm STILL laughing, I can't help it, please forgive me. Oh & I do hope that you are wearing this patch out in public as I can well imagine the stares, which gets me laughing again. Take care & get well SOON!

  12. You are so hilarious! I found your blog a couple of months ago and have enjoyed it ever since. Hope your eye mends quickly. Get well!

  13. That's soooooo cool!!! :o) I love it!!! And you are incredible! I'll be back... :o)

  14. Sorry to hear that your eye is poorly, I hope it sorts itself quickly and you are back to your usual two eyed self. Till then take care and try not to walk into too many walls.

  15. Miss Julep: If laughter's the best medicine, you sure gave me your healing dose! ;) Should I wear this patch out in public? I was thinking of visiting the eyewear stores to complain loudly about their lack of asymmetrical glasses :)

    Serendipity Handmade: I'm glad you found the blog and stuck around for the past months! Thanks for the mending wishes, and I'll be better soon to continue the crazy crochet fun :)

    Naja: Dzięki for thinking the patch is cool! Maybe I'll keep wearing it after I recover. I'll be the hit at the discos haha

    Jessica: Thank you for the kind words, as always :) Yes, I've finally learned to avoid walking into walls or microwave doors. When I recover, I'll have a lot of wall&appliance repairs to make! ;)

  16. Howie--
    I'm also a crocheter and I just discovered your blog. I shouldn't have looked at it while at work because I sat here, laughing like a hyena! Love your creations, and as a fellow scooter rider, I especially loved the sat-watch entry! Hope your eye heals soon! You've got me as a dedicated reader now!

  17. Amy Lynn: I'm glad you found my blog! I love the image of you laughing loudly at work while viewing crochet ;)

    You're lucky to have a scooter. I only rented my scooter for an hour, but I sure miss zooming around in the sunshine with it.

    Thanks for the eye-wishes. I'm getting better now :)

  18. Feel better Howie! I love your crochet eye patch. I can relate to being ill. I've got pneumonia at the moment. Perhaps I need to crochet myself a new right lung!! Take care and get better soon!!!!!

  19. Kara: Thank you, I'm starting to see with dual vision again. Get well soon too! I'm sure you'll return to your healthy, crocheting best very soon! I'll use my third eye to broadcast healing energy to you :D

  20. weird, I made an eyepatch too, around the same time .. but embroidered!
    looks great - love your stuff.


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