Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Yo' Face, Facial Recognition!

I've been in hiding for the past five months. Specifically, I've been hiding my face...

Have you read the news about Facial Recognition systems? This technology uses cameras and computers to automatically identify people by comparing their facial features to a database.

Once limited to science fiction, facial recognition is now used by governments and corporations for everything from law enforcement to targeted advertising to social networking.

But I've emerged from hiding to share good news: I can fool facial recognition! Using cunning and crochet, we can reclaim our privacy!

I'll post how-to photos next week, after my nose heals. Until then, here's a video of my Anti-Facial Recognition System:

UPDATE - March 20, 2012

Despite the vision-impairment glitch, the Anti-Facial Recognition System offers these privacy-protecting facial expressions:

You can create those expressions with a blank mask and a handful of facial features:

Endorsed by Anonymous (Howie Woo)

Stitch velcro onto the back of each piece.

MJ recorded the FACE:REC video and helped make this project possible. We demonstrate how blank expressions are equally effective against prying eyes:

I hope this demonstration empowers us to protect our privacy and to apply brakes on the rapid use of facial recognition on our lives.

One day, I hope to upgrade the Anti-Facial Recognition System with a vision-providing, head-mounted camera that will identify nearby facial recognition systems by linking to a database.

In yo' face, facial recognition!

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