Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Woomi Plays Basketball

My recent eyeball escapade made me realize that there will be times when I'm unable to blog. Whether they're health-related or work-related, some urgent demands may require me to temporarily hand the blogging ball to another teammate.

Have you met Woomi?

Crocheted in late 2008, he's my more-athletic, more-mischievous alter ego.

Today, he returns to the spotlight with the debut of his own comic strip:

In my teens, I loved playing basketball. But I abandoned sports when an early onset of arthritis sidelined me from high-impact activities. Woomi—lacking bones—is arthritis-free and surprisingly aerodynamic:

Play on, Woomi! You're the star this week! Win one for the WooWork team!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Uveitis? It's alrightis.

Last week, the vision in my left eye became blurred. I experienced this inflammation before and knew the condition by name: uveitis. The grisly photo in Wikipedia's uveitis page doesn't reflect my current state, but my eye was red enough to require medical attention. With any eye inflammation, seek medical attention ASAP!

My mom and my girlfriend kindly took me to the eye doctor's office, where I was prescribed steroid eye drops for the next three weeks. On the way home, we looked for an eye patch, but the stores didn't have them in stock.

So—with the help of my good right eye—I crocheted this eye patch:

This muscular eye patch is made to enhance the steroids my left eye is taking. After three weeks, I expect my performance-enhanced eye to be inflammation-free and able to lift tanker trucks!

I'll be recovering for a bit, so a special guest will be starring in next week's blog entry.

If you have an unwelcome illness visiting you, I wish you a quick and complete recovery. And may your health outlook be positive for as far as the eye can see.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sour over Lemon Sharks

Wikipedia? More like Wrongipedia!

Did you read their article about the lemon shark? Laughable!

Not only does the site fail to mention the pale yellow skin of the lemon shark, but their page shows a photo of the wrong shark!

Everyone knows what a real lemon shark looks like:

The lemon shark is often mistaken for a lemonhead shark, which was named after Lemonhead® candy in the 1960s.
This is a lemonhead shark:

Someone should fix Wikipedia and correct their shameful errors & omissions about lemon sharks. Until then, I'll be getting my facts about citrus fish elsewhere!

Sourly yours,

Old Man Howie

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