Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Woo's Hues *UPDATED*

The house is being re-painted here, so I've been moving furniture and storing stuff in cardboard boxes. Hectic!

Even Woomi participated in the home renovation process, though for the last time:


UPDATE - August 6, 2010:

The home renovations are almost complete, so I've been crocheting again! I made these two yarn paint cans. Unlike Woomi, I'm sure you can tell the difference between "Apricot Dawn" and "Tangerine Dusk", right?

"Apricot Dawn" and "Tangerine Dusk"

Friday, July 16, 2010

PSA: Don't Run After the Bus!

Bus Runner 1

My girlfriend told me a story about a co-worker who ran down an escalator to chase a bus, twisted her ankle, fell down, and limped in a foot brace for months.

Bus Runner 2

Do you know an individual who pursued public transit but encountered injury instead? Please share that story! Your cautionary tale could encourage someone to slow down, wait for the next bus, and avoid harm.

Meanwhile, take care of yourselves...

Don't run after the bus!

Don't Run for the Bus!

You might fall...

You Might Fall...

...and accidentally hurt yourself.

_..and Accidentally Hurt Yourself.
This public service announcement has been brought to you by

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Speaking of my Grandfather

On the same week I visited my dad, I attended my grandfather's funeral. Though it was a sad event, my grandfather lived a full and happy life. He had the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone before passing away peacefully, surrounded by loved ones. He was 89 years old.

My Grandfather with My Dad
My grandfather with my dad in the late sixties.

Grandparents Eating Icecream
My grandmother and my grandfather in the nineties.

Here's a video of our family (with Woomi) visiting him two years ago to celebrate his birthday:

He was fluent in the Ningbo and Shanghai dialect of Chinese, and spoke basic English. Every time I visited my Grandfather, he would ask me: "So, you cannot speak Chinese anymore?" I'd reply that I could understand the language but not speak it well. Eventually, I just said: "No, not really."

For a farewell gift, I wanted to say something to him in Chinese.  So I crocheted him this speech bubble with something he and I shared: our last name.

Speech Bubble with Chinese Character for Woo
"Woo" is embroidered as its Chinese character:

I felt fortunate to place the speech bubble in his casket before the cremation ceremony.

Remembering Grandfather

Most of the eulogies were spoken in Chinese, where I learned he was married to my grandma for sixty-nine years, that he spent cautiously on himself but was generous to others, that he loved practicing calligraphy and listening to Chinese operas, that he was an even-tempered dad, and that he treated his six daughters and one son equally. He taught them to keep their promises, as he was was a man of his word.

My Grandfather - Formal
Hsien Teh Woo, 1921-2010

May you rest in peace, Grandfather.

My Grandfather - Informal

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