Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Woo's Hues *UPDATED*

The house is being re-painted here, so I've been moving furniture and storing stuff in cardboard boxes. Hectic!

Even Woomi participated in the home renovation process, though for the last time:


UPDATE - August 6, 2010:

The home renovations are almost complete, so I've been crocheting again! I made these two yarn paint cans. Unlike Woomi, I'm sure you can tell the difference between "Apricot Dawn" and "Tangerine Dusk", right?

"Apricot Dawn" and "Tangerine Dusk"


  1. Oh, those both sound like wonderful options.

  2. The idea that lil' Woomi has his own room made me giggle this morning! Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Most of my interior decorating adventures have ended in a similar fashion.

  4. I love Woomi's hopeful eyes - so cute

  5. Sweet little cheeky Woomi. Hm, this somehow reminds me of my kids. ;-)

  6. Hahahahah very good. I visited your website as I saw it in lets get crafting magazine (crochet issue)it is very good. Check out my new blog and tell me what you think! :)
    thnx bye

  7. Hehehe... I love Woomi's little orange feet in the last panel! :D

  8. Sarah: Yes, those are two good colour options, right? I see you as an Apricot Dawn, by the way!

    Amy: Woomi's room used to be MY room! But he wanted more space for his trophies & knick knacks. These days, I sleep on a futon mattress in the tub :(

    purlingturtle: I'm sure you make a bold impression with your Jackson Pollock style of decorating haha

    Neen: I'm glad you love it, though that means you're on Woomi's side! I was washing paint from my hair for days afterward, you know...

    Jessica: Woomi knows how to turn on the hopeful anime-eyes when he wants something, be careful!

    die kleene: Woomi reminds you of your kids? Everyday must be a wild adventure then! :)

    Arlene: Yes, his little orange footprints stained the blanket too! I had to get it dry-cleaned, grrrr

  9. They are completely different! Anyone with taste can tell that. Apricot Dawn every time.

  10. CLEARLY, the Tangerine Dusk is the can on the left side of the photo. Dusk is darker than dawn and that paint looks the tiniest bit darker to me. :)

    And I'm so sorry you got kicked out of your room by Woomi. :)

  11. Nooo! My color-blind-ness level is exactly the same as Woomi's XD

  12. Howie I LOVE those little paint cans sooooo much!!! I want to wear them as ear rings!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a brilliant space saving idea: "These days, I sleep on a futon mattress in the tub"!!! Think about it. You only use your tub/shower a total of, what, 10 or 15 minutes a day, right? The other 23 hours and 45 minutes the tub/shower is wasted real estate space- literally money down the drain (*snork!*)!

    I have a really large bathroom and I use my tub/shower to store my laundry hamper and trash can (so my little ferret doesn't get into it and tip it over and spread trash all over the apartment!). I may look into the logistics of sleeping in the tub....


  13. fingersandtoes: Ooo, you're an Apricot Dawn Aficionado? ... Hmm, that would be a good Ravelry group to form ;D

    Amy Lynn: You have a good eye for Tangerine Dusk! Sometimes, when I'm walking with MJ, I point out things that are T.D. She is greatly impressed, I think...?

    Yes, Woomi said he needed a larger room to stretch his legs, which doesn't make any sense. Ah well, sometimes I find it convenient to wake up and shower without getting out of bed (tub)!

    zuperdzigh: The urban legend says that when you lose one sense, your other senses get stronger. So, like Woomi, your colour-blindedness must mean you have some zuperhuman abilities! :D

    O.: Thank you! "Beyond Amazing" is actually a shade lighter than these two colours ;)

    ecuadoriana: Paint can earrings, good idea! I just weighed them and they're about half an ounce...

    I expanded on your smart suggestion to take advantage of my tub real estate... I bought a breakfast-in-bed tray, and now the tub has also become my eating area AND work desk. Convenient!

    Good luck and sweet dreams with the tub-bed! :D

  14. heee.. i love painting ( remember me¿, my english its to bad)..
    i love your work!..


  15. Excellent crochet paint cans. Nice details. Of course, Apricot Dawn is one of them and Tangerine Dusk is the other. How could they be confused?


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