Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Trouble Sisters

These two are known as the Trouble Sisters:

The Trouble Sisters

They've earned that title: a Florida home burned down last year and the Sisters know all-too-well how the fire started.

The Trouble Sisters at a Fire

Look at the trouble they've gotten themselves into this time:

The Trouble Sisters at the Pantry Window

Along this pantry window lined with canning jars, one sister is in a pickle and the other is in a jam.

The Trouble Sisters in Trouble
Public Service Announcement: Don't play near jars of fruit and vegetables. 
You might fall and submerge yourself!

Even if they escape from this predicament, it's likely that these siblings will again find trouble or trouble will find them.

The Trouble Sisters in a Pickle and in a Jam

They are, after all, the Trouble Sisters.


  1. Great job! You're so talented! I especially love the detailed stitching for the eyes and eyebrows. Awesome!

  2. Love it! But please don't tell me you REALLY put those sisters in a pickle and a jam! All that work!

  3. Hilarious! I especially love their tough girl eyes in the first couple of images!

  4. Oh yes! I love your creations and pictures! =)

  5. Tooooo much fun. I know a cut couple of Granddaughters that these two would fit right in with. Where can I get the pattern?

  6. The girls must have known their misdeeds would ketchup with them.

  7. You're so great! Such facial expressions you can create!

  8. Love it - so cute and cheeky (reminds me of my daughter!). "In and pickle" and "in a jam" - classic!

  9. Hilarious!
    In pickles and Jam?
    A new recipe for our international cafe maybe?

  10. Unbelieavable, those expressions! :-))

    You bet, those girls will definitely find their way out of the jars and set out for more mischief!! (Quite a sticky affair, hehe)

  11. Howie--
    Pure genius, as usual! And from a crochet POV, I love, love, LOVE how tight and consistent your stitches are. I've been crocheting off and on for the last 10 years but learned when I was 8 (I'm 36 now) and I still don't have that same consistency to my projects that you do. You truly are an artist! :)


  13. You're so talented, I love your work, I'll follow you every day ! Good luck, I'm looking forward for your brilliant posts !

  14. Shorty: Thank you, I'm glad you like stitched faces :) The scariest part was unstitching their sneaky expressions--to make room for their scared expressions--without ruining their heads!

    MJ: I appreciate the abbreviations and exclamations!

    Joanna: Yes, they're still sitting in pickle juice and jam :) I'm debating whether to help them out or not?

    Mia: Thanks! I especially thought of your wonder-filled creations at Owlishly when I was working on the hair for the Sisters. You embroider hair like no other :)

    Magnetic Mary: The Trouble Sisters could grow up to be truly wicked witches, if that's a career path they pursue!

    SUADDA: The creations & photos appreciate the love, thank you :)

    E. Irene: Wow, your trouble-making granddaughters must keep you on your toes! Keep watch of your lighters and fruit preserves, just in case ;)

    The pattern for them burned up in that house fire, sorry! Hmm, maybe that was their motivation...? hehe

    Todd F: During their trouble-spree, they probably did know their misdeeds would ketchup with them. I hope they mustard
    up the strength to escape their situation though!

    Lykke: Thanks! Here's a handy tip: draw their expressions first, then crochet along to match that drawing! :)

    PaisleyJade: hehe Thanks! You're Supermom though, so you can easily handle any occasional troublemakers ;)

    ~Feather.Wing~: I'm happy you love trouble! I'm sure trouble loves you too!!

    Mel Makes Pretty: Panini with pickles & jam & a side of troublemakers? Out of curiousity, I'd order that from the cafe, sure!

    die kleene: If they escape from the jars, I wonder how they'll achieve that? Would they roll their jars off the shelves to break free? Maybe they'd eat their way out first? Hmmm...

    Christelle: Your egg is so cute when she's smiling like that: ^______________^

    Amy Lynn: Judging from your blog, your stitches look consistent, especially for Sackboy! I wish my stitches were tighter, actually... I did use a 3.75mm hook for the Sisters, but I'll try the 3.5mm hook next time :) Thank you, Amy!

    morita: Gracias por sus amables palabras, Morita:)

    Anonymous: Thank you for following! I wish I could post new projects every day for you, but I try to make something every week or so :) It's all very fun!

  15. I love your ability to crochet "panic". I've been pickling people for years, just not in crochet. ^o^

  16. Howie,

    I am truly creeped out!!! LOL!!! The blond one reminds me of Patty McCormack's character, Rhonda, in the movie The Bad Seed!

    love it!


  17. Love your talent and humor which I find quite irresistible!
    Thank you for sharing ~

  18. Amazing like always!!
    I just read your comment, I though you were making 2 sets of sister, but you were actually just made 1 set and re-stitched their face?
    totally amazing!

  19. I hope the real sisters don't see this. :S

  20. their facial expression! LOL! :D you always do such a fantastic job of capturing facial expressions.

  21. Dadgum! These are too funny! My favorite summer canning: pickles and jam!!

  22. Hahahaha, great job again woo! I really like the expression on their faces! I really like how you create amis based on real events/people. Not something you see often.

  23. Hi! There is an award on my blog for you! xx

  24. Amethyst: I do hope you share your recipes for pickled people! Do you serve them on a large bed of lettuce? :)

    ecuadoriana: Wow, I saw photos of Rhonda from "The Bad Seed", and I'm creeped out in return now, haha Some terrifying movie characters have been little girls with bangs, why is that?!

    alexandra: Thank you for the irresistibly-nice support!

    zuperdzigh: haha Yes, I was a little lazy and just made one set of sisters, with re-stitched faces :) I also had a hunch that--if I made two sets--one set would look noticeably different from the other!

    Allison: Thank you! By the way, everyone should check out the sweet double rainbow handles you made for your recovering mom :)

    Bell: Yes, if the real sisters saw this post, they might be out for some diabolical revenge. I'll be sleeping with the fire extinguisher tonight, just in case... Thanks for the warning ;)

    youngmi: Thanks! It was an odd experience watching their expressions transform from treacherous to terrified.

    Miss Julep: hehe Summertime-canning does suit your Southern style!

    MuMu: Merci, Mademoiselle MuMu :)

    lauracruz: Thanks, Laura! Whenever I was read through my Google news alerts on
    "how the fire started", there are many disasters started by children playing with lighters. I played with fire when I was young too, so those news stories remind me how lucky I was to have escaped trouble. Canning is relatively safe, though older (and often chipped) jars run the risk of exploding in boiling water. I guess trouble lurks everywhere, right? Be careful! :)

  25. Hilarious. Thank you so much for at good laugh.

  26. I love your homepage and your work so inspireing :)


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