Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fridge Critter: Bleu the Blue Bird

The blue bird is the second Fridge Critter brought to 3D life from a 2D drawing on my fridge.

His name is Bleu, and he is infamous for eavesdropping on juicy conservations. Chatty birds must watch their backs:

A saving grace to Bleu: he gossips only to the morning worms. And then he eats them.

Before she flew to France forever, Bleu's mom told him, "No one shares secrets with someone who tells them." Like most parental advice, it's a lesson still to be learned.

So, for now, look around before telling secrets. A little bird might tell them too!


  1. Who flew to France? His mum? I do hope it wasn't little Bleu, he looks way too small for such a long journey! I don't think the other birds appreciate that eavesdropping.
    Did you know that Benjamin Franklin said 'Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead' ?

    You've pulled it off again - he looks look just like his fridge buddy ;)

  2. Louise: hehe Thanks, I made a correction to clarify that it was his mom who flew off to France. Maybe she always wanted to live there. I hope Bleu stops eavesdropping, which probably doesn't win him many friends :)

    Thanks for the Benjamin Franklin quote, which is funny but too often true!

  3. I never ate anyone I told a secret. Should I start?

  4. Such a tweet little birdie !!

  5. I love how the yellow bird turned around to look at Bleu, and Bleu was like, "What? What did I do?"

  6. How long have you been doing crochet? I am jealous of your skill and creativity! What do you do with all your creations after the photo shoot?

  7. yay! I am a BIG fan of birds! I was going to try do crochet a bird sometime in the near future. But yours is so perfect! You should write up the pattern! :) hint hint

    BLEU is soooo cute!

  8. Incredible! You are capturing all the personality and movement you put into your drawings. You astound me, Howie! Bleu is adorable!

  9. How on earth do you always come up with such cute stories and such amazing photo shots? You're too creative for this world.. lol

  10. PaisleyJade & Tara & Alisha: hehe Thanks! He's cute, especially for an eavesdropper :D

    Sharona R: If you share a lot of big secrets, it might be advisable to bring some forks and knives along ;) Sporks are especially handy!

    TADA's Revolution: hehe Yes, that yellow bird is good at giving dirty looks. I'd back away too!

    raeonix: Thanks! I've been crocheting for about a year now :) When I was first making movies, I was paralyzed by thoughts that there are better films and better filmmakers. But then I realized it's best to make films (or drawings or crochet) that make yourself proud, no matter what else or who else is out there. If others like your work too, it's a precious bonus! In time, our own standards & dedication lift the quality of anything we do. :)

    After the photo shoot, most of my creations go into two glass cabinets. I'll photograph them sometime!

    Rebekah: Oh yes, I thought you might like birds, especially with the cute plump blue bird on your blog's banner! Birds of the same blue feather, they could stick together! :D

    Ani: Merci! Squire est également curieux! (google translated, i admit ;)

    Simply EC: Thanks! It's been fun watching these two Fridge Critters come to life with their own personalities :)

    Oanhderbread: Thanks, you're too creative for this world as well! These photos were taken at my gf's community garden, and that's where the two chatty wooden birds were sitting. For the story, I was inspired by real-life nosey folks! :D

  11. Genius! Why didn't I think to eat whomever I gossip to?

    Such a smart little bird

  12. oh how cute :)Love the birds.
    I cant seem to get hand granade down :( Jacobs screaming for one out of the glow in dk yarn lol

    LOL YHey took me long enough on the granny square lol

  13. Well, so far I think Bleu is the cutest, but I love Squire because he a generous and sharing little critter! (0;

  14. I heard a tweet about bleu. good thing i listened. he is tres cute. ( i don't know how to add an accent over the e in "tres".)

  15. ollie: A little bird says it's best to gossip to someone who is marinating in BBQ sauce! :)

    Renee': A glow-in-the-dark grenade would be cool! When the Fridge Critters are complete, I'm going to test out some of their patterns, since they're easier to explain than the grenades for now :)

    Beansieleigh: Yes, I think Bleu is cute too, but he hasn't yet learned to respect privacy. Ah well, he's still young! :D

    taffyyarn: I was looking for an accent for the "tres", and Bleu's mom sent me this one in the mail: è


  16. wow, you always make the most amazing stuffs. you're definatally one of my biggest inspirations. i can't wait to see the little shark. :D

  17. A Game of Twister: Thanks! These little critters have been fun to introduce, and the shark will soon be showing off his little jaws ;)

  18. Aww sooooooooo cute.. just wanted to tell you I gave you an award over at my blog :)

  19. he is so sweet! ooh and I saw the squirrel too. i can't wait to see the other little guys done!

  20. Hot Dog! You've done it again!! PRECIOUS!!

  21. ~CraftyMummy2two~ Thanks so much, your blog is always full of fun surprises!

    Diana Jiron Graff: Thanks! I'm also planning a little video for when the Fridge Critters are all released ;)

    Miss Julep: Thanks for the kind words and for the summertime exclamation: "Hot Dog"! :D


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