Monday, September 26, 2011

Cute-a-killer *UPDATED*

Do you remember the Cute-a-pillar? It was made from five faces that portrayed the Fundamentals of Cuteness. I photographed the Cute-a-pillar when it scuttled across my lawn, not to be seen again.


Until yesterday.

I'll post new photos next week, after my recovery. For now, here's a video of my encounter with the Cute-a-killer:

UPDATE - Oct 3, 2011:

I've recovered in time to post this photo of the elusive cute-a-killer: 


MJ photographed my pursuit of the predator:

This encounter with the Cute-a-killer taught me a new fundamental truth about Cuteness: it can act as a disguise. Cuteness can hide horrors, even within something as harmless as a caterpillar.

UPDATE - Oct 3, 2011:

Behind-the-scenes video & photos of the Cute-a-killer can be seen here.


  1. Dang! I was biting my nails on that one! Then I found myself crying, (tears of laughter). You ain't right and I LOVE it!!

    So Glad you had your net and pith helmet handy so you could slay this evil being....or did you? Thanks for the cliffhanger, can't WAIT for the next installment!Until then, you'd better get that bite looked at.

  2. I love it!!! hahaha!! My husband and daughter watched too and Symon said that you are soooooooo funny. Love the butterfly and your hat and net. Can't wait to see the pics. xoxo

  3. Wow! I hope you survive this vicious attack and that YOU don't turn into this cute-a-killer. Yikes!

  4. I really love the way that you take your crochet work to the next level with photos and video. You're so creative!

  5. @Miss Julep: I'm happy you enjoyed the video's emotional roller coaster :D Yes, I just grabbed the first thing I could from the shed… Imagine if I took out a garden hose & sprinkler instead? That thing would still be on the loose! Thanks for the good wishes. I got a tetanus shot, and the swelling has gone down.

    @LadyNight: Tack! The range of artistic skills on your blogs is awesome as well!

    @Paisleyjade: Aww, thank you for the vision of all three of you laughing in front of the computer :)) I still don't know if that thing was a butterfly or moth, but it better not return! If it does (and if I survive), I'm going to mount it on my wall ;)

    @tippiepics: Oh no, do you think the bite is infectious like a vampire bite? I don't want to turn into a cute-a-killer :( Scared of heights! I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow, just in case!!

    @CrochetBlogger: Thanks so much! This project took much longer than planned (as usual), but it was a fun project for the summer :) Got MJ & me out of the house at least!

  6. Ah ah ! I love your film ! And your butterfly ! So funny ! And what courage to face this butterfly !
    Bravo !

  7. Love the cute-a-killer and the faces on each segment! You're always so creative photograph and video-wise! Too awesome~!

  8. ahahaha your film is AMAZING!!!!

  9. You are hilarious! I'm bummed though...couldn't get a good view of the cute-a-killer with all the excitement. :o)

  10. Good Lord, that was hysterical!!!

  11. Ah, they're so cute when they're young . . . maybe the cute-a-pillar is just going through a rough adolescence?

    Great video. :D


  12. Howie: The video was great. Really! It was like a movie. You and your pals do great work.

    You have inspired me and I am making an Amigurumi turtle as a first project. It is almost done.

    Thank you!

  13. @Plouf_le_loup: Thank you for thinking of me as brave to face the cute-a-killer! I might've just been upset that my afternoon nap was interrupted ;)

    @Oanhderbread: hehe I too noticed the cute-a-killer's diabolical faces when they swooped at me. I'm just relieved that only one face had teeth!

    Ohioja!: I'm happy you liked the film! I couldn't have done it without the help and talent of MJ! Next week, I'll be spotlighting her contribution to this crazy project :)

    breakmydreams: "cute" is a scary word for me now, but thank you regardless! ;)

    @Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick: Yes, the cute-a-killer was tricky to videotape clearly during the terrifying commotion :D Fortunately, I snapped a pic of the cute-a-killer (in the shed), which was added to the blog today!

    @AmyLynn: Thanks! I'm happy that my facial contortions added to the humour :D

    @KnitHotGuy: Yay for liking the video :) It's fun to combine amigurumi with a dash of horror (and comedy?). And such a perfect choice of making a turtle for your first project. Slow & steady wins the yarn race!

  14. Oh Howie, this is wonderful!!! I had wondered what was going to happen to the cute-a-pillar but didn't even think about it turning into an evil butterfly. How clever. The film was just terrific - very suspenseful with a nice twist (of yarn) at the end. GREAT job.

  15. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    Your best yet. Handmade Mothra lives! :)

  16. I'm scared... what if my yarn stash breeds a similar monster?

    Fantastic post Howie - loved it so much :-)

  17. Simplemente ingenioso y maravilloso.
    Muchísimas felicidades.

  18. oh my, that video, nice and dark - really enjoyed it, and your action chase shot ! xxx

  19. @Kara: Thank you, Kara :) Yes, it's crazy how something creepy-cute could return as something so ferocious! Maybe the film could be a cautionary tale for anyone who hears a loud thumping noise from their sheds: Call the authorities first! ;)

    @DeadlyKnitshade: Oh yah, maybe it was Mothra's lil bro! I'd love to see it do battle with Godzilla's lil bro :D Thanks!!

    @Jessica: Yipes, you're right! Yarn stashes could be future breeding grounds for more creatures, *gulp* Now that you mention it, I remember reading that bugs like to live & lay eggs in yarn stashes. Time to double-up on those jumbo Ziplock bags! Thanks, Jessica :)

    @RaggyRat: hehe I'm glad you like the dark video :) One of my motivations for making the video was to show a yarn creature drawing blood. Yarn isn't as harmless as it may seem! Thanks :D


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