Monday, October 10, 2011

Behind the Bite

The recent video of the Cute-a-killer was shot over the summer, mostly during MJ's days off work. Along with operating the camera, MJ puppeteered the Cute-a-killer using marionette sticks (aka "fishing rods")...

MJ as Puppeteer

This behind-the-scenes video shows bloopers and outakes from the Cute-a-killer shoot:

I still feel anxious when I see the Cute-a-killer from its perch above my fireplace.  MJ was also shaken by the ordeal, and she drew this animation during her art therapy session:

Created using Inchworm Animation on MJ's Nintendo 3DS

Thank you for your multiple talents, MJ! And thank you all for the shared experience of encountering the Cute-a-killer!


  1. oh i loved your outtakes, haha, a good giggle at the end of my busy day ! xxx

  2. This made me laugh so HARD! I was laughing AT you NOT with you:)

  3. oh, the out takes are so funny! love seeing behind the scenes, too :)

  4. Love the out takes... especially that naughty net of yours (and the hammock). Haha - you guys are awesome!!

  5. Que graciosos sois. Esto es increíble. Saludos

  6. @Raggy Rat: I'm happy you liked the goofy bloopers :)

    @LEESASAUR: Silly is my middle-name!

    @MissJulep: hehe It's cool, I'm used to being laughed AT far more often than WITH! ;)

    @sal: Thanks for watching the video! MJ & I had a big laugh too, watching the bloopers. Nothing like a camera to remind oneself of one's clumsiness :D

    @Oanhderbread: Happy you think it looks epic haha The whole cute-a-killer project was intended to be a quick lil project, but it ended up taking up the whole summer. But it was lots of fun! :)

    @PaisleyJade: Hmm, you're right… The net & hammock were conspiring against me! Or maybe I should've put some glue on that bamboo stick… That would've been easier haha Thanks, Kristy!

    @Virginia: Thank you, Virginia! In person, MJ is known to be the outgoing comedian, so it's a treat to hear that I can inspire some laughs online :D

    @EL palacio de Martín: ¡Muchas gracias! :))

  7. oh my goodness, it's terrifying! i'm being honest when i say that it really freaks me out! but then i see the hilarious video clip of you chasing it across a field and i feel much better. though the creepy cute-a-killer was defeated and reduced to a pile of yarn... i can't shake the feeling that it will find a way to come back... creepy!!!!

  8. I just stumbled across your blog.. and it's brilliant! I love a person who's crochet crazy or crazy as crochet!!! Love it! Keep up the great work!

  9. @youngmi: Thank you, I was hoping to conjure up some creepiness! :) Crochet always does cute very well, but yarn can also form into some eeeerie things :D

    @Rie: I'm happy for your stumble, especially from someone just as crochet-crazy :D I'm slowly working on the next project right now, in between a drawing assignment. Sometimes I wish I had a clone, so that I can draw & crochet at the same time. Hmm… "Woomi !!"

  10. happy new year. hugs. Alessandra

  11. I can't wait until morning to show my daughter these videos and pics. She's been making crochet monsters and learning to use her new DSL camera. This post, and the related one, combine everything she's currently loving to do. Thank you for sharing these. :)


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