Friday, July 10, 2009

Fridge Critter: Sherman the Shark

Are you familiar with the Fridge Critters? In 2001, when I was learning to use a pen tablet, I drew eight baby animals and put that drawing on my fridge. To celebrate learning and my first year of crocheting, I'm recreating that 2D drawing into 3D crochet form.

The fifth Fridge Critter is the shark.

His name is Sherman, and he's a natural-born killer. Watch out!

He has sunk his yarny teeth into the blubber-rich bum of a walrus.
He has munched on a school of sardines who would forever be late for class.
He has clamped onto a bucking beluga whale, all in slow-motion.
He has shared cod entrails in a blood-red sea of conquest and camaraderie.

And yet, late at night, he relaxes his unblinking eyes and sees a scene of green. It's a dream where every bite blooms with redemption and tastes not of impending death but of flourishing life.

He would kill for some broccoli.

My girlfriend captured this video of me shooting Sherman:


  1. You know, sometimes I could kill for some broccoli too.

    He's SO cute. And I love the video showing how you got the pictures. Great work and presentation as always!

  2. LOL You are on a ROLL!!
    I love Sherman...
    hmm.. now I have a concern...

    Can they all live in harmony together? Perhaps Sherman can change his dietary habits and just be happy with veggies?

    Wonderful imagination as well as bringing them to life!!

  3. I marvel at your brilliance. I love when you update and can't wait to see the remaining critters come to life. I have also been intrigued by that "Work in progress" for quite some time... can't wait for the big reveal :)

  4. LOVE,LOVE,LOOOOVE Sherman (and I don't generally say things like that as I'm from the DEEP SOUTH, USA).... Seriously, Sherman is as cute as he can be & I'm loving your behind-the-scenes videos! Thanks for the Friday afternoon giggle!

  5. Loads of FUN, as usual! I second Simply EC! I would kills for some broccoli too! YUM! Sharks have all the fun!

  6. Very cool - I had wondered how you captured the splash!

  7. Very cute, I love the teeth! I think Sherman is my favourite so far.

  8. He is so freakin cute! Definitely my fave so far.

  9. You make the most incredibly things!

    I am quite jealous of your talent. It's amazing!

  10. Simply EC: I've also had cravings for broccoli & green veggies since this blog post. Refreshing! Thanks :)

    K4TT: Yes, to be safe, I think Sherman should be kept apart from the other Critters. I caught him looking at Squire the Squirrel and licking his chops!

    raeonix: I'm glad you're looking forward to the updates, thanks :) I try to update every week, and I marvel at bloggers who can blog every day!

    You're the first person who has mentioned the Work in Progress window in the top right. The current creation promises to be a fun, though my gf is nervous about me bringing that on to the train ;)

    JenGoPop: Your kind broccoli offering will save you from future shark attacks! ;) Smart trade!

    Miss Julep: I'm grateful for your Deep South praise! The behind-the-scenes videos are recorded by my patient gf usually without my knowledge, and it's great to share that footage.

    Jana: Thanks :) You and Sherman could share a sea of broccoli, which would make an awesome sight!

    PaisleyJade: Yes, my gf created some good pebble splashes! She's known for having good aim, and that skill came in handy that day!

    Ascasewwen: Thanks :) Sherman's teeth are yarny soft but his jaws are like a steel trap!

    mochaxlight: Even though he's a cold-blooded killer, Sherman will be happy to hear he's your fave! :D

    Amanda: Thanks! I hope we get to see an Amanda blog where we can see your talents too! :)

  11. I enjoyed seeing Sherman in the video very much! So much goes into shooting the photos...You guys make a great team!

  12. TADA's Revolution: Thanks! Yes, I'm lucky that my patient gf puts up with my obsessive attention-to-detail and my hissy fits on these shoots ;)

    When we were recording the video of Sherman on the rocks, an elderly gentleman stood above us and watched for a good minute. My gf later told me that the man wore a shocked expression. :D

  13. I knew it must have had something to do with fishing line...very clever! And I love sharks, btw. They are some of the coolest animals on the planet XD

  14. I love your tiny little critters! Adorable!

  15. Danielle: Yes, fishing line or clear beading wire has saved the day for countless photos :D

    Sharks do have a large fan base, I'm realizing!

    Larissa: Thanks, I'm glad you're liking these baby animals! It's been fun seeing them come to life :D

  16. I've just recently started making amigurumis and I LOVE this little shark!!! and all the baby critters :) but my boyfriend is a marine biologist studying sharks and I was wondering if you have the patterns for these posted anywhere so I could make one for him? Thanks so much, and keep up the amazing work!

  17. Shelli: Congratulations on starting to make amigurumi :) That's cool that your boyfriend studies sharks! I haven't written any patterns down for the Critters, but the secret to Sherman's teeth is the french knot stitch though ;)

  18. Hola!! Enhorabuena por tus trabajos, me ha encantado los amigurumis y las presentaciones, están muy conseguidas. He disfrutado mucho viendo las fotos. Saludos desde Jerez (España)


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