Monday, July 27, 2009

Fridge Critter: Piki the Pig

On my fridge are eight animals I drew in 2001. Eight years later, I'm remaking them into crochet animals.

The seventh Fridge Critter is the Pig.

For many humans, the taste of bacon is so crispy, so juicy, and so right.

But when a pig wants to taste bacon, is it so wrong?

After years of increasing curiosity, Piki the Pig secretly asked another Fridge Critter to find him some bacon. Two strips on a plate.

Piki promised himself: Just one bite.

Even after he devoured the bacon and turned away in shame, he knew he wanted more. Someday soon, Piki the Pig would eat bacon again.

Just another bite.


  1. Ha ha!! That is so cute and funny... pigs have always been my favourite animal (I even had a collection of toys when young). Looks great!

  2. That's definitely the cutest cannibalistic pig I have ever seen.

  3. Ooooh no, that's cannibalism, Piki!!!

    Hey, you left crumbs.

  4. Piki!! Don't feel so bad you are not alone with your love of a "fallen comrade"

    Very nice Howie..
    one more to go.. can't wait..
    what will you do once done??

  5. Ah he's so cute, I don't care if he's a cannibal.

  6. Poor tiny cannipig.

    He's utterly, utterly adorable for all that.

  7. I love your critters sooo much!!

  8. i saw this on your flickr... oh, reading the whole story... it´s even cuter now! :D

  9. Cute story! Love the pig! He is adorable!

  10. You posts never fail to crack me up ;-) Thanks for the mention on your 'recent mentions'.

  11. lol Your posts are soo funny! I had to go and read some of your past blog posts, and there is rarely a blog that makes me want to do that.
    You're a talented artist, story teller and crocheter. :-)

  12. Ah, well, I once had a birdie who liked chicken. A lot. ;)

  13. He's so cute, as are the others!

  14. QBug: hehe I like it: Cute Wrongness!

    PaisleyJade: Thanks! I'm also a fan of real-life pigs, especially when they're running around and oinking. I hope you resume your pig toy collection!

    mochaxlight: If there's a Cannibalistic Pig Cuteness Contest, I hope you'll vote for Piki! ;)

    TADA's Revolution: Yes, if he's going to be a cannibal, he might as well eat the crumbs! I have a feeling he did.

    K4TT: Thanks for the video link! Seeing realistic-looking pigs eating ham is a more disturbing haha

    Yes, one more to go! I'm editing a video right now for the last Fridge Critter post!

    angeltreats: "Ah he's so cute, I don't care if he's a cannibal" would be a sensational headline in the newspaper! :D

    Kathryn: It must be reassuring to all cannipigs that they can still be seen as adorable! :)

    Shorty: Thanks! It's been fun taking the critters outside this summer too!

    *Tea: I'm glad you found my blog through the Flickr photo site, and that the story added to the cuteness factor! Flickr has a fun community.

    Beyondstitches: Thanks, I'm glad you still find Piki adorable, despite his baco-breath ;)

    Symon Burton: It's good that cannibalism can still be funny :D Thanks again for mentioning me on your blog.

    Zu: I'm glad you went back in time to visit my past blog posts! (I wish I got a little younger in the rare times anyone did that ;) Thanks a bunch, I'll be following your crochet & baking blog too, especially if you feature more of your peanut butter cookies, my fave!

    JenGoPop: haha only your chicken-munching birdie knew what Piki feels like ;) My gf and I recently realized that most fish are cannibals too!

    Naja: Thank you! Cuteness + cannibalism do go well together, it seems :D

  15. Oanhderbread: I'm afraid so, and it sounds like it will be a repeat offense ;)

  16. I think he's my favorite so far ^^

  17. After a year of bacon deprivation in Saudi Arabia, I am home in the good ol USofA where my daughters thoughtfully threw me a PORK birthday party last night! I BEAT Piki! I think I ate ten slices! Don't worry, Piki. We ALL have our vices! :D

  18. how did you get two teeny pieces of bacon and a teeny little plate!?

  19. Danielle: If Piki runs for mayor, he's going to depend on your vote! ;)

    Jana: Congratulations on your homecoming and your delicious birthday bash! It sounded like hammy-heaven :D

    Crys: I was hoping someone would ask about the bacon & tiny plate! I peeled off pieces of bacon the size of a fingernail, and seared both sides in the toaster-oven. Then I carefully wrapped them in foil and brought them to the farm for the photos. The plate is from my collection of mini plastic food. :)

  20. Piki is so cute! Much more cute then my crochet pig Arnold. Oh, my brother and I have really been enjoying your blog.

  21. Frizz: I'm so glad to hear you and your brother are liking the blog! The badminton video you made with him is so funny.

    Your recent pig and Piki would be good friends, as long as they hang out after breakfast :D

  22. Is there any way I can buy this? I want itttt. :0

  23. Anonymous: Piki went back to the farm, sorry! Actually, he's back here with the other Fridge Critters, but I couldn't break up that happy family ;) I've received a few requests to make some creations available for purchase, so I'll keep your message in mind if I decide to go that route! Thanks for asking! :)

  24. its perfect! My friend forwarded your blog to me because she knows I love cute little piggies and I love bacon! Thanks for the smile.

  25. Elena: Thanks! It's good to know that it's possible to love piggies and love bacon at the same time :D Piki will be relieved! hehe


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