Thursday, October 23, 2008


Here is Frogg the Frog (the extra "g" stands for "gasp"... more on that later):

He is partially filled with tiny plastic beads to weigh him down. (The handful of beads might have worked too well... more on that later also).

I also made a fly, adding velcro feet that can stick onto Frogg's tongue:

Yarn insects make delicious snacks :

For this photo shoot, my patient girlfriend and I rented a paddleboat to the lily pads in Deer Lake Park. In the video below, you can see how I nearly lost Frogg to the watery depths below. *gasp*


  1. Ohhhhhhhh! How scary! You rescued him just in time! :-D

  2. Yes, I was so scared of losing Frogg, I almost leapt into the pond! Good thing my girlfriend paddled the boat forward just in time. Next time, I'll crochet a lifejacket too!

  3. What an inspiring blog you have! Your photography is amazing, I am so jealous. I believe this may cause me to stretch my limits in photographing my work.

  4. Thanks Sharona, you're too kind!

    The photography on your Puppeteer on the Roof blog is already splendid. I take a zillion bad photos for every good photo, so thank goodness for digital!

  5. I love this frog. How can I join your group?
    Thanks, Bunny in NJ

  6. Thanks Bunny! I don't have a formal group to join, but I will officially start the "Bunny Loves Frogg" group right now. Can I be a member too? ;)

    Actually, for online groups, I would recommend participating in the forums on and The individuals at those sites are super-talented and super-supportive! Thanks again, Bunny.


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