Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eye Heart U

For Valentine's Day, I gave this envelope to my girlfriend, MJ:

She found a coded message inside:

Here is MJ's reaction to the crochet gift (and to the SingStarABBA game):

The envelope was made from a Lion Brand pattern, and the heart is a smaller version of Pepika's pattern. The letter U contains a pipe cleaner, which holds the U's curve.

I hope everyone's post-Valentine's days are filled with sent and received messages of Eye Heart U!


  1. this is fabulous! i love it.

  2. Thanks! MJ is going to turn the eye, heart, and U into fridge magnets!

    julie: Your lovely valentine message cross-stitch has more edge! ;)

  3. YOur gf is the most luckiest gal in the world! Love the idea, eye heart u.

  4. Thanks, Nessa... I will quote you whenever I'm being insufferable around MJ ;) I'm lucky myself to be with a yarn-enabler!

  5. I would love to purchase something like this from you for my loved on in Toronto!! Do you make them for purchase?? it's so fabulous!

  6. Thanks for the message, Kimberly! I have yet to sell any of my creations (I'm too attached to each one, frankly). The envelope and heart are from existing patterns online, and I'm sure you could create an awesome eyeball and "U" with your great amigurumi skills :)

    But thank you for reminding me to consider making my critters available for sale someday! (*sob*)

  7. Your blog is Fantastic, so funny!!!

  8. Thanks, mcgallo :) It's fun working on the blog, and I'm glad you're having fun too!


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