Monday, December 14, 2009

Eye See 3D

After 3 weeks of steroid drops, my left eye has recovered from it's blurry situation and I can see clearly now.

The rain is gone.

Hopefully, it will be many years before I return to the eye doctor. Until then, I made this eyeclops guy for the eye clinic:

He now lives on their front desk, next to a plastic eye toy:

I love seeing in stereo vision again, and I appreciate my overall eyesight even more. To celebrate my 3D vision, I'll enjoy a 3D movie this weekend.

If you'd like to join the 3D fun, bring out your 3D glasses (I bought mine from here or you can make your own) to see the eyeclops in an eye-popping way!


  1. hahahahaha...soooo cute, just like you :-)

  2. Glad to hear your sight is recoevered, and that is one good looking eye you got there!

  3. Hehe - love the eye... and very glad that your eye is better!

    My husband is off to see a 3D movie next week too... wonder if it's the same one??

  4. So glad you can see again! From someone who can't find her glasses if I forget where I laid them (only for showers or bed! :D ) I KNOW how precious eyesight is! Especially for a crocheter!
    I bet your eye doctor's office LOVES their new addition!
    Way to go, Howie!

  5. So glad & relieved that you are healed & back to creating!!LOVE the eyeclops!

    Miss Julep

  6. Hm, after three weeks of steroids, you'd think he'd be more . . . muscular. :P Glad to "see" your eye is better!

  7. Anonymous: Thank you, mystery-complimenter! :D

    Sharona R: The eyeclops is flattered! Next time, he'll wear a bow tie too :)

    PaisleyJade: Yes, your husband and I are both gonna watch "Avatar" in 3D. Not together though, unless you both move up to Canada haha MJ & I are also hoping to see "Fantastic Mr.Fox" soon, in glorious 2D!

    Jana: Thanks! I hope your glasses stay put in the new year :D I can't drive when I misplace my glasses. Otherwise, the highway becomes a hazy, hazardous world!

    Miss Julep: Thank you! Your support is like rocket fuel for both my health & hooks :

    JenGoPop: You're right, the steroids didn't affect the outside appearance of the Eyeclops too much. On the plus side, he can see through concrete walls now. ;)

  8. The stories you tell as you unveil your crocheted creations are so very clever! Glad you can see again :)

  9. rofl EYE love it lol

  10. Sam: Thank you! I'm happy to see again, especially for the sight of your narwhals :)

    Renee': EYE'm glad you do, thanks ;)


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