Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Caption Needed: Ralph and Raffe *UPDATED*

What caption would you write below this photo of Ralph and his pet giraffe, Raffe?

UPDATE - November 5, 2010:

Catherine, of The Raggy Rat blog, wrote a rhyme to match this side-view of Ralph and Raffe:

"Ralph had a tall giraffe
he wished it would obey
but everywhere that Ralph went
it went the other way ....."
Thanks Catherine! And thank you to everyone who wrote such clever captions for R&R!


  1. So cute!

    Here's my caption:

    "Well, they say owners do start looking like their pets."

  2. Ralph finally found the answer to stopping the unnecessary watering of hydrants, Giraffe Watch!

  3. "we go to the same chiropractor"

  4. This is great!! :-)))) I like your humour.
    Can't think of a caption though, but I love all the others...

  5. "People always said Ralph was someone you could really look up to."

  6. Que buenos te felicito ,siempre tan talentoso y creativo ,un abrazo....

  7. "Humph, you two get all the fun."

  8. Alita: Thanks for liking my wacky work :D

    Nicole: hehe Maybe Ralph started with an average-sized neck before he adopted Raffe as a pet!

    Scarlet Pirate: "I see what you did there" is a popular caption these days! :D

    ~Feather.Wing~: I like how Ralph's "Giraffe Patrol"-plan to protect hydrants backfired so completely haha :D

    Sparrow's Nest: :)

    Leon: hehe That chiropractor should specialize in treating zoo animals! If so, maybe Ralph thought he was getting a good deal by sharing chiropractors with Raffe...

    Rosebug: It would be a good coincidence if Ralph was known for stretching the truth too!

    die kleene: Thanks! Yes, everyone has better captions than I can think of too :) Hmm, mine would probably be: "While walking his giraffe, Ralph reminded himself to buy more milk, eggs, and neck rings."

    mycreativespirit: hehe Yes, Ralph proves that role-models needn't be limited to the short-necked among us :)

    morita: ¡Muchas gracias :))

    pearl: Hmm, now I can also see a dash of envy in that dog's expression :D Imagine the view from up there!

  9. lol I cant even think of one, but love how cool they look. :-)

  10. " can i have a go then i will grow as tall as you"
    says the dog

  11. Do you sell the patterns online or somewhere? I want to make a giraffe and dog, too :)

  12. "I'm sorry, but I just don't think you could pull off the turtle neck look."

  13. Raffe: "I can see our house from here!"

  14. "Rafe, remind me to knit more scarves this winter."

    Ok, not as witty as some of the others. Really looking forward to what you're going to come up with next. Wonderful work!

  15. glad you enjoyed the funny rhyme ! xxx

  16. I love all your work! Funny, cute, awesome, pretty, everything :)

  17. You are RIDICULOUS!! Ridiculously AMAZING! :D

  18. I looooovoe these guys so much but had such a brain freeze when trying to think up a witty comment!

    Thanks to your inspiration I finally tried my had at amigurumi!

  19. hobbyzuand: I'm happy that you like their long-necked looks! :)

    joan: Ohhh, it's a magical height-giving hydrant, I understand now! :)

    Shenny: Sorry, any patterns that might have existed were gobbled up by Raffe! He thinks everything is edible leaves ;)

    Cori: Wow, now I want to see what Raffe's turtle neck sweater (and entire wardrobe) looks like! Would he wear multiple neck ties at once?

    arien: hehe I also like that you made Raffe a talking giraffe :) I bet he's chatty too!

    Raggy Rat: Thanks, Carol! I hope your handmade critters soon make good use of their gently-used hydrant :D

    All So Cute: I appreciate your super-supportive sentiments! :))

    Allison: Thanks for all the delicious "ridiculiciousness" :D

    PaisleyJade: Congratulations on your delicious amigurumi debut! Everyone should keep an eye on your PaisleyJade blog for future yarn wonders handmade by you!

  20. So do Canadians pronounce Ralph as the British 'Rafe' or the American 'Ralf'?

    I'm dying to know!

  21. I suppose if he was feeling saucy, he might wear multiple neck ties at once. He'd have to have a long scarf to fit all the way up his neck ;)

  22. Kate Halleron: I'm pretty sure we pronounce it "Ralf"... Years ago, I remember us being surprised when we discovered how "Ralph Finnes" is pronounced :D

    Cori: Multiple neck ties does sound saucy! He also could mix tie colours or alternate between bow-ties and/or ascots.... Now I realize the extra fashion opportunities of the long-necked individual! :D

  23. Wanna go second story window shopping???

    woo hoo... love your work!!!!


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