Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bird is the Word

My mom and MJ's mom are both songbirds...

My mom plays classical music on the piano and harp, and sings when she strums folk music on the guitar.  My girlfriend's mom listens and sings to a wide range of music, from 1940s jazz standards to 1970s disco to 1980s rock ballads. Her ringtone is a recent hip-hop song.

For Mother's Day, I made two songbirds for two songbirds:

Here's a video of both moms doing some bird-spotting:

In the same week, my hairstylist (since 1993) celebrated her birthday. Jeannie and I play a Scrabble-like word game called "Words With Friends" on our gadgets. For her birthday gift, I crocheted a word tile of the most valuable letter in Jeannie's name:

*Chirp-Chirp* to our moms, and *Triple-word Scores* to our friends, all year long!


  1. Such cute birds and just love the scrabble tile!! Well done Howie... I hope oneday my boys will crochet me gifts (but somehow I doubt it ;)

  2. The birdies are so cute! THanks for sharing!

  3. Well done, they are sooooo cute. I have to learn how to crochet, you make it look sooooooo easy.

  4. Eeeeeep! I love those birdies- so cute. And I think I love your mums even more! X

  5. You are so creative and thoughtful.

  6. `'•.¸♥¸.•'´ I love it!

  7. Everything is so cute! You're so sweet to make such thoughtful gifts!!

  8. So cute, Howie! You never fail to amaze me.

  9. My God, the birds are so cute ! I love it !!! :)

  10. @PaisleyJade: Thanks! With such a creative, inspiring mother, your sons will inevitably make something yarny-sweet for you :)

    @Lindy: I'm glad you like the birdies! I'm sure there are many amigurumi birds out there, so I hope the music notes made these two stand out a bit, at least! :)

    @Isabelle: Merci pour l'adoration!

    @Lin: When you learn how to crochet, please share the link to your yarny wonders, okay? :))

    wrchili: *cheep cheep* :)

    @Lucette: Thanks! I'm happy that they seemed to enjoy the gifts, at least :)

    @CrochetDad: Thank you! Your crochet blog is super duper, by the way :) Hat power!

    @die kleene: Moms are Wunnerful, Wunnerful, aren't they? :)

    @LEESASAUR: You amaze me as well! Thanks, Leesa :)

    @AllessandraLace: Thanks for the loveliness!

    @Nadine: I'm glad you liked the songbirds! MJ helped position them in front of the bird feeder for that photo :)

  11. So cute! Those birds have a very nice face! ^_^

  12. The birds looks so cute.
    I Love them.

  13. If you knew me you would be astonished to hear me tell you how much I love your crocheted songbirds. That's because I usually cannot stand crocheted animals!


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