Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MJ-Power Bracelet

For MJ's birthday, I made her this band:

With a familiar face on the front and a velcro strip on the side, it can be worn like an I.D. wristband.

Since MJ is a videogamer, I wrapped the band around this Nintendo 3DS that my mom and I got for her:

Here's a video of MJ opening her birthday gifts:

MJ didn't limit the band to her wrist:

Also, she named it the "MJ-Power Bracelet".  She jokingly explains: "I don't get powers from the bracelet; it gets its power from ME!"

Here's a 3D photo that was captured with the 3DS, with more pix on MJ's 3D photo page:

Happy Birthday, MJ! Only you can transform a humble I.D. wristband into your Power Bracelet!


  1. This is beautiful Howie! You really captured MJ's spirit and expression. What a perfect and wonderful gift. MJ's a lucky girl. :-)

  2. I want to make power bracelets for all my friends now!! (but probably not crochet them) Excellent work, thanks for the inspiration ;)

    How did you make it glow in the dark? Is it special yarn or did you do something to it? (Maybe infused it with special MJ powers? ;)

  3. wouahhhhh !! just... PERFECT ! beautiful !

  4. I love it - and MJ is soooo cute! Happy Birthday MJ - and amazing job Howie (esp the glow in the dark bit... makes her powers extra special!!) ;)

  5. OMG Woo you are a true artist!

  6. Holy shazam, that is amazing!! I need to stitch a power bracelet for myself and my friends, too! Shan't look as awesome as yours, but damn, what fabulous gift!!

  7. You inspire me to make more beautiful things for the ones I love!

  8. Happy Birthday MJ! Howie, as usual your creativity amazes me. I've got to get some of that glow in the dark yarn... got a grandbaby coming and I just know I'll get some ideas.

  9. Wow! Awesome!

    But does it deflect bullets?

  10. Happy Belated Birthday MJ! Now that you have your own power bracelet, you can keep up with Howie's carrot jet-pack!

  11. Great work and Happy Belated Birthday MJ :)

  12. Y'all are so feakin' CUTE together and MJ seems so sweet, pretty & happy! LOVE the thoughtful gift you made for her. Y'all are super awesome!!

  13. That is so neat. And the 3D pic is amazing. Now I need to work out how to get them on my website from my son's 3DS

  14. @Kara: Thanks! MJ has an expressive face that's easy to recreate :) Shared luckiness hehe

    @JelliDonut: I love your donut stamp of approval :) i'm eating a cinnamon one right now!

    @Karen: Oh yes, everyone should have more power bands… If only they gave us real superpowers! The glow-in-the-dark yarn is from Bernat… I spot that yarn in the stores during Hallowe'en!

    @Plouf_le_loup: I'm glad you like it too! MJ often wears eccentric stuff, so I'm happy that she wore it happily haha And much better than a response like: "What? This aint from Tiffany's!" ;)

    @PaisleyJade: Thanks for the bday wishes :)) Even though MJ often says she's gettin' old, I think she gets younger & younger-at-heart each year!

    @Rikke: hehe I only feel like an artist when I wear a beret and moustache ;) I'm currently crocheting the next project (for a summertime WooWork video), and racing to meet an illustration deadline. Oh, to be a half-human/half-octopus! … oh wait, that would be horrible haha

    @oils: I'd like to see your Holy Shazam Bracelet! :) Thunder & lightning powers!

    @Christelle: :)))

    @Heather: That's so sweet! It's rewarding to create things that push our artistic abilities, but sometimes the best reward is seeing the smiles we bring to loved ones by making things for them while we think of them, right? :)

    @Amethyst: Thank you! Yes, you should make lots of glow-in-the-dark things for your future grandbaby :) Congratulations! Would a spooky ghost be too scary? hehe

    @Karen: Yes, it deflects bullets as long as the bullets are 100% cotton ;)

    @Annette: Yes, now MJ soars along with me when I'm jet-packing around. We barely dodged a 747 last weekend! … free peanuts & headphones though :)

    @breakmydreams: Thanks for the kind words&wishes!

    @Miss Julep: It's always a treat to hear your Southern support, thank you :))

    @Karp Styles Crochet and Knitting: Yes, the 3D camera has been one of the best features of the 3DS! We just took some delicious 3D photos at the bakery today. MJ uses the 3Dporch.com website, where the pix can be viewed both in 3D (using the 3DS) or with that wiggle effect (for websites).

  15. Wonderful , and stylish. It is really amazing gift. I love its color too.

  16. I JUST got my "crochet today" and found the article about YOU!! Congratulations!!! I'm off to check out the rest of your blog :) and... the power bracelet is awesome!!

  17. I love this bracelet, it is simply great. hugs

  18. Howie !!! You changed your hair color ! Love green !
    You're so gifted, I'm amazed ! And the present's idea is so cool ! Congrats !

  19. I've been reading your blog for quite some time because you're awesome, But I have to admit, the more I read about MJ the more I love her! She's fantastic. Can we all be friends?

  20. @Lily: Thanks, Lily :) The bracelet is now resting on MJ's fireplace mantle, safe & sound for now!

    @chinamommy: It was a treat to be mentioned in the Sept/Oct issue of Crochet Today!, and I'm grateful that you visited the blog here :) More nuttiness to follow!

    @AlessandraLace: Thanks! The bracelet bestows powers upon all who love it, so I hope you received your extra energy :D

    @Nadine: hehe yes, I've gone from green to blue now. And another colour soon, why not! Thank you for your support, Nadine :)

    @KatieGurumi: In person, MJ is always the superstar! (I'm the quiet one in the crowd :) She just finished helping me videotape & photograph the next WooWork project (due later this month), and she's very talented & patient too! Yes, we can all be friends :) See you at the next ice-cream social hehe

  21. To all,

    Thank you for all d Birthday wishes ,you are all too kind and sweet! :-)

    Yes, I am a lucky girl with superpowers! :-D


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