Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Noggins

What spells holiday cheer better than disembodied heads?

For this year's Christmas tree, I crocheted these sans-corps ornaments featuring Santa, Rudolf, a gingerbread man and two snowmen (one snowman found an ice cream cone as a prosthetic). A yarn bell sits near the tree's peak:

For the snowmen, I learned how to make french knots for their mouths, a simple stitch that will be useful for future creations:

For the gingerbread man, I originally used french knots of white yarn for the eyes, but they looked eerie for some reason. So beady eyes won over:

For Santa's beard, I used a piece of velcro to distress the white yarn until it looked fluffier:

For Rudolf, I stuffed his muzzle with an L.E.D. keychain flashlight, which lights up when pressed:

For the bell, I stuffed a real jingle bell inside its clapper. Wrapped in yarn, the bell sounds more like a rattle:

All of the noggin ornaments are captured in the video below, including Rudolf's touch-activated nose and the bell's rattle action:

May your holiday season be full of eggnog and free from disembodiment!


  1. I love your knitting my New Year's resolution is to knit more.

  2. Howie, your creations are superb! I had no idea you had gotten into yarncraft. Raymond mentioned it tonight at dinner. Keep up the awesome work! I'll be checking back regularly. Check out my blog at

  3. Thanks peachy! I hope your 2009 overflows with your knit creations!

    Thanks Monica! It looks like there is love-of-crafting in the family line! Your paper work is adorable, especially your matchbook chocolate treats. MJ has been using her Cricut all year, and she will be also be a fan of your excellent papercottage blog!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. how do i buy these crocheted creations? adorable. i need them immediately.


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