Sunday, December 7, 2008

Music for Mom

My mom plays the piano and the harp, so I often give her birthday gifts that are adorned with music notes.

To continue the annual musical tradition, I used my new crochet abilities to make her this clef symbol:

The symbol is formed by a long narrow tube stitched together at two points, joined in the middle by a heart nose, with pipe cleaners in both ends for the curls.

My mom liked the musical crochet gift, which now hangs next to her piano with the music note floor mat near the music note wall tile above the couch with the music note throw pillows...


  1. how long dose the tube need to be?

  2. Jesse: Like music, I played this one by ear! Specifically, I would crochet a bit, then see if I could form the music note, and repeat this back&forth process until the tube was long enough :) Good luck!


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