Saturday, January 24, 2009


I made these scissors for my hairstylist, Jeannie, who has made my hair multi-coloured since 1993:

The scissor's finger rings were crocheted around two plastic bone rings, and a heart-shaped safety nose acts as the joint. These yarn scissors don't actually move, but a Sharpie pen on yellow paper creates animated wonders!

Snip snip!


  1. You are a genius... I can tell from your scissors!

  2. Holly, I'm no genius, but the scissors lead to a presentable haircut, at least! ;)

    I love your berrysprite blog, which is a perfect combination of beautiful crochet and beautiful photography!

  3. Hi Howie, I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. Your work is really cute, and I especially love the time you put into setting up your photoshoots!

  4. Hi June, thanks for the encouragement! I'm a photo newbie as well as a crochet newbie, and it has been fun to combine the two interests :)

    I've been admiring your planetjune blog since the autumn, when I marveled over the texture of the perfect pumpkin you made!

  5. Hi! Howie, Love your work. Want to swap an amigurumi with one of my crocheted cupcakes? Keep in touch.

  6. Awesome idea! Those bone rings make the finger holes so realistic and sharp in shape!

    Nice work as always, Howie!

    Dekvenga Delights

  7. Thanks Christina! I used to wonder about the possible uses for those bone rings when I'd see them at the craft store.

    Your latest fuzzy kitties are super cute!

  8. Saw your work on craftster and immediately read your blog! You're super talented, these rock!

  9. Thanks Beige... I'm stunned by how many supportive people there are on Craftster! Your yarn stash is awesome!


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