Monday, January 5, 2009


I wanted to crochet something for my dentist: enamel? dental floss? gingivitis? I chose the simpler route and made this tooth:

Toothy is made from four small cone shapes that are stitched together, then built up with single crochet stitches:

The dentist office enjoyed the gift, though I hear their younger patients have tried walking away with Toothy. So along with guarding kids from tooth decay, my dentist is now guarding a tooth from kids.

Remember to brush and floss daily!


  1. LOL what a wonderful post. I have never thought of giving my dentist a gift, but come to think of it - he well deserves one!

  2. Your dentist would likely love a handmade gift from you! Your generosity may also appease the cavity spirits, who spared me a visit during my last dental appointment, phew!

  3. casey: Too kind, thank you! I wish I could crochet-away any future cavities.

  4. Where can I get patterns for some of your creations?

  5. terie: Thanks for asking! I'm afraid that I have yet to muster up the patience to write any patterns for my creations. If I ever write a pattern book, I'll also have to take a Pattern Writing 101 course! :)


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