Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yarn Party

Where: Howie's lawn
When: Early April
Time: Noon
It's a Yarn Winding Party!

Watch Howie get the party happenin' with a demo of the Mama Bear Handcrafted Yarn Swift from The Oregon Woodworker and the Heavy Duty Ball Winder from Nancy's Knit Knacks!



  1. They dont sell hanks of yarn here, but that looks like fun. Your family is adorable!

  2. awwww that is way too cute!!!
    I have the yarn winder, but mine is a plastic japanese one that I was lucky enough to find at a local thrift store out here in Cali -- and a steal for 95 CENTS!!!!

    Yours looks incredibly FUN!


  3. Sooo cool! This is funny because, this last Christmas my parents gave me money to buy a heavy duty ball winder from Nancy's Knit Knacks! And then for my birthday in January, my husband bought me an umbrella swift! :)

    Isn't the ball winder great! The best out there! Have fun with it!

  4. Ally: Thanks for the kinds words about my family! My mom, gf, sister and her bf were all good sports to act like loopy yarn-partygoers :) My gf was also the talented one behind the camera, and she witnessed my many yarn-winding bloopers.

    KT: Wow, 95 cents for a Japanese yarn winder is a sweet find! The best thing I found at a thrift store was a stuffed-animal wombat for $3, but it makes for a terrible yarn winder...

    By the way, I just finished that pink ray gun I mentioned to you earlier! I'll be photographing it as soon as my sister finds time to be its future-chic model. :D

    Rebekah: What a funny coincidence about our similar birthday/Christmas gifts! We're lucky to have such supportive family & partners. I'll ask what gifts you receive next holiday season, as a way to sneak peek at my future presents ;)

    Thanks for writing!

  5. Dave @ YES Mag/KNOWApril 17, 2009 at 12:31 PM

    Hey Howie,

    It's always a great day when Bloglines tells me you have a new post. Keep up the great work.

    PS: Just remembered I didn't let you know that you are up for an award from EdPress. I'll email you the details. Congrats!

  6. Hi Dave! Thanks for sharing the super news about the AEP nomination for the Energy Island drawing! I've been a fan of Samsø since working on that project.

    I use Google Reader as an RSS reader, and I'll try out Bloglines. Thanks again!

  7. I never knew yarn-winding could cause plates, forks, party hats and guests to magically appear!

    Now I know what to wish for on my next birthday ;)

    Thanks for sharing, what great gift and great party.

  8. Kathy: Oh yes, that Mama Bear yarn-winder is like a party-in-a-box! I just wish toothpicks were included, because wool yarn gets stuck between my guests' teeth. Ah well...

    Thanks for writing, Kathy! I hope I magically appear at your next spinning party :D

  9. Ya'll really know how to party up there!!! LOVED the I want a swift & ball winder too. There's always a fun party over at Wooworks. Thanks for the digital fun & entertainment. LOVE your site.

  10. Miss Julep: Thanks so much! Yes, it's a myth that Canadians party with Molson beer... It's actually with Mohair yarn! ;)

    My gf got the idea to surprise me with the Heavy Duty Ball Winder after seeing it demonstrated at our wonderful local yarn store, Black Sheep Yarns. They use an umbrella swift instead.

  11. LOL! Do you always carry a paper plate under your jacket?

    Someday when I stop buying cheap yarn all the time I'm going to get me a winder.

    Cool video, as usual!

  12. JenGoPop: Yes, the portable paper plate is convenient for sharing meals. But I may stop carrying plastic forks around, after a few too many self-inflicted stab wounds. ;)

    The Oregon Woodworker also sells the Royal Ball Winder, which would do a perfect job as well.

    Thanks for writing, Jen! I'm glad you liked the video.


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