Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Egghead Sis

My sister is an egghead.

By that, I mean that her head is shaped like an egg. At least, that's how I've drawn her over the years:

Also, her birthday is near Easter, which reminds me of Easter eggs.

To celebrate her birthday (and her eggheadedness), I made this offbeat caricature on her noggin:

This video shows her Grade "A" reaction when she opened her crocheted gift:

Happy birthday, sis! May your shell be strong and your yolk be sunny!


  1. How cute! I loved her reaction, she is so funny. =)

  2. Phew, good thing she liked it! I was worried for a minute there. My sister has a pinhead, I should draw her head on a pin. I'm not sure she'd like it as much as your sister liked her egg head though.

  3. Ally: Thanks! Yes, my sister was very expressive, despite the camera & lights set up in front of her :)

    Louisa: I was relieved too! Actually, she was initially put-off by the card I drew her, where a chicken is pooping out her head. But after the crochet egghead gift, she saw the card in context haha

    I'd love to see a pinhead version of your sister, despite her reaction :D

  4. jajajaja I loved the whole story!
    I'd made an amigurumi for each of my sisters, for my twin I made a cat-girl because she likes them very much :) and for my younger sister I made an amigurumi dress as a paramedic (wich is the career she studied last year). Although they didn't reacted with so much enthusiasm as your sister :P

    *ooh! I'm afraid my english isn't very good... but I'm working on that! ;)

  5. That's so funny! I'm so glad your family supports your creativeness with all their hearts. It's so sweet to see the little glimpses into people's lives and just how special each one is. Congrats on a truly one of a kind gift!

  6. DannyFlo: Your two sisters are lucky to receive such thoughtful amigurumi figures of themselves from you. I'm sure they were just as enthusiastic, even if it occurred all inside their hearts! :D

    Your english is perfect! Thanks for writing.

    Shelly: I'm glad you're enjoying the glimpses into my fun-filled family! Yes, they're very supportive, for which I'm grateful. I tend to avoid discouraging people anyway, and keep this reminder on my wall: "The ones-who-DO ignore the ones-who-say-DON'T" ;)

  7. Excellent video, I've just sneakily watched it at work (well, it *is* time for a short break). I love your sister's reaction to her egg head, and your drawings are great. I think I would be slightly put off by an image of a chicken pooping out my head though, so I think that's pretty normal. ;-)

  8. Kitty Ballistic: Thanks! Every work break should be spiced up by crafting, non? ;) Your co-workers must swoon at all your creations.

    I better remember the off-putting potential of head-pooping chickens from now on! haha

  9. That is one precious ami-head of your super cute & funny sister! Good times were had by all apparently. Great job!

  10. Sharona: When I was setting up the lighting & camera gear for her closeup--then reminding her to stay in frame--my sis may have been thinking that I was something other than fun ;) haha I hope I'm fun some of the time, thanks!

    Miss Julep: My sister is known for her frequent laughter here, so it seems fitting to have those giggles spread onto the internet :D Thanks for the kind words!

  11. "Oh, it's my head!"

    LOL! I like how she knew right away it was herself.

    Actually, I think my quote of the day is going to be "May your shell be strong and your yolk be sunny!"

  12. JenGoPop: I checked the video again and, yes, she recognized her egghead even when it was half-hidden & half-facing away in the egg container! That's some impressive eggy-intuition :D

    Happy Easter! Again: "May your shell be strong and your yolk be sunny!" ;)

  13. Hello, I followed you over from Bekahjan's!
    Your sister's egghead is the most adorable gift ever!
    I was just waiting for someone to say... "What a 'crack' up!"
    Get it? Egg... shell...
    Okay, I'll say it too: May your shell be strong!

  14. Hi Kathy! I'm glad you hopped from Bekahjan's blog to visit today, exactly on Easter Monday.

    You hatched an eggcellent pun there, with the crack up ;) I'll be following your beautifully-photographed blog too, thanks!

  15. hehe it's so awesome to see that ur fam loves your projects so much
    and i didn't know that u drew too!
    i checked out ur doodles and u can def see a lot of ur personality shining through.. just like ur projects!
    ur creativity is amazing... keep it up :)

  16. Hi Lisa :) Thanks for checking out my drawings! There are always technically-superior illustrators & crocheters out there, so my hope is to make things that shine through in some small way :D

    Thanks again for writing, Lisa :) I'm looking forward to seeing more of your adorable amigurumi creations this year!

  17. Howie, I'm sure I'm not the first person to tell you this, but if you ever decide to publish a book of patterns people will be beating down the doors to buy it! It's so amazing to see your work. I love it (and my 6 yr. old son does too, natch.) - Meg

  18. Thanks Meg! I have been trying to scribble down my stitches as I go, at least for future reference. As a beginner, I spend most of my time trying to fix my mistakes!

    But if a WooWork book ever comes to light, I'll have copies for you signed: "To Meg and her son, who are super supporters!" :D

  19. absolutely fantastic... one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time!

  20. crookedcrocheter: Thanks, I'm glad you liked the slightly-morbid creation! Actually, my sister recently told me that her co-workers saw the egghead and said it looked creepy. "Did he put voodoo needles into it?"

    So I'm currently making eggheads of her co-workers, and you bet there will be voodoo needles in those! haha ;)

  21. That was the perfect reaction!! :-)

  22. Ani: If I was a stand-up comic, I would hire my sister and my gf to attend each show. They both laugh loud and often :D


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