Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UFO or WooFO?

I was driving through the city of Roswell, New Mexico when I took this blurry photo:

What is that?

There it goes!

As that unidentified object zipped away, I knew the truth was out there.

That night, I revisited the site of the sighting to capture photographic proof of a UFO:

Or was it a hoax? Unraveling this extraterrestrial conspiracy revealed these startling truths:
  • Fact: The UFO was made by me, and renamed to "WooFO".
  • Fact: The WooFO has a 16" circumference, with glow-in-the-dark yarn used for the white dome and yellow lights.
  • Fact: The WooFO was hung from fishing wire over a rural scene created with a diorama kit.
  • Fact: The photo was taken in my backyard.
Shocking but true!

Feeling conspiratorial, I attached LED lights and helium balloons to a second baby-sized WooFO. My girlfriend captured the following video as my relatives and enthusiastic mom observed the Woo.F.O.'s ascent. I played the theremin soundtrack.

Since the WooFO's release last month on February 13th, there were two possibly related UFO sightings: one in a neighbouring city and the other in nearby Washington state.

But the final truth is that I may never receive a proof-positive email about a found WooFO because not everyone has email access... IN SPACE!


  1. This is awesome! :) What a fun and creative idea!

  2. My boys and I follow your blog, how cool would it be if this made it all the way to the east coast, and to our forrest of pine tree's. I'm crossing my fingers now!

  3. Ok, seriously??? The stuff you make is awesome, but the photo shoots and the accompanying stories are even MORE awesome!!! I love all the details, especially the glow in the dark yarn and solar powered flashlight. It's totally a modern day message in a bottle! The video was great--just like so many of the blurry, shaky videos shot of "real" UFOs. And no way do you play the theremin! I saw a guy named Suko playing the theremin on Yo Gabba Gabba once. It was pretty crazy and my kids were absolutely mystified. Once again, amazing job! I'm so glad I decided to follow your blog:)

  4. OMG!that's amazing! :D
    a terrific idea!
    The video is very funny!

  5. howie -- i wanted to say, i LOVE everything you've created. there's so much thought behind everything. it's very inspiring!

    if it weren't for all the planes coming and going (i live near MSP intl aiport), i'd watch for your wooFO here in minnesota!
    here's hoping someone finds it... how cool would that be?!

  6. Awesome AND hilarious! I especially like that you've actually given fuel to people's fires. I read the sightings, and it would seem for sure that they were your WOO.F.O. So amazing, as always.

  7. Awesome!! You always have such neat ideas...

  8. Thanks for the interstellar encouragement! :)

    Rebekah: Thanks! This idea led to lots of fun, though I wish I thought of a way to track that WooFO. I wonder where it is every day!

    paige: I'm so happy to hear that you and your boys are following along, thanks! :) They can lead the next generation of amigurumi creators! I hope the WooFO miraculously visits your family's skies.

    Mequet: Your enthusiasm is so energizing, thank you! The videos and stories are lots of fun to create, and I hope someone--somewhere--enjoys that modern day message-in-a-bottle. The glow-in-the-dark yarn is from Bernat, by the way :)

    I'll track down that Yo Gabba Gabba episode you mentioned! One day, I'll find an excuse to videotape a theremin performance to share :)

    DannyFlo: I'm glad you liked the video, thanks! My mom's on-screen enthusiasm was catching. The streets were icy that night, so we were lucky to survive that videoshoot without tumbling over!

    Danielle: Thanks for the awesome support! I hope lots of friendly crochet UFOs visit you in Minnesota, bearing gifts of hand-dyed yarn ;)

    Yes, it would be crazy-cool if someone found that WooFO. There are many trees in my city of Coquitlam, and I have nightmares about bears snacking on that glow-in-the-dark yarn, yipes! :D

    Lindsey: Thanks for your super encouragement as always! If those witnesses really saw this WooFO, I hope they won't be disillusioned by my yarn stunt :) Lately, I've been looking up at the night skies more often, hoping to see anything unidentified!

    Danielle: Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying these ideas :) The sweater you made your mom is very awesome as well!

  9. Glow in the dark crochet? LED lights? Balloons? Ha! You can't fool me. This is all a vast government conspiracy masquerading as an awesome project and video.

    The truth will come out! :p

  10. i love coming to ur page and reading ur latest adventures
    it's like taking a splash into another world where the impossible is possible
    my bf will definitely love ur vid on the ufo release!!

  11. Genius! Glow in the dark yarn plus LED lights, deinitely. I love how you crochet "off the beaten path" objects instead of tea cozies.

  12. Lisa: Thanks so much! I'm grateful that you believe this yarn world is full of possibilities, which you already know from your amigurumi skills :) I hope your bf likes the video; he can defend us from the alien invaders!

    mochaxlight: Thanks for encouraging me to wander off the beaten track :D I aim to make fun things, with the hope that like-minded souls will share in the silliness! (Hmmm, a UFO-themed tea cozy sounds fun too ;)

  13. ha ha my husbond and I have just looked around and we think it is a wonderful charming and very funny way you use knitting and chroching. Thank you for making the life a little bit funnier.
    Karin, Denmark

  14. Oh wow, what fun, and what a great idea! Oh, and your mum is awesome - so sweet and enthusiastic about the whole thing. :-)

  15. Karin: Thanks for writing! It's so great to hear that you and your husband enjoyed your visit around the site :) It is a treat to have a spouse/partner who shares your similar interests, or--at the very least--is encouraging of those interests! :)

    Kitty: Thanks a bunch! Yes, it was lots of fun to have the video become a family event, and my mom sure brought along her energetic cheer :D My niece, however, scolded me about the environmental no-no of releasing balloons, so I learned a lesson from my family members as well!

  16. Howie,este platillo volador esta increible, yo creo que en el llego mi astronauta ,jajajaj ,un abrazo ,muy lindos tus trabajos te felicito.....

  17. LOVE it!!!You are the supreme leader in creativity!!

  18. You're awesome! Found you through B.Mok (my cousin)...
    saw this on tv and thought of you! A little inspiration, perhaps?


  19. I was just shown your site and I love it! I've recently tried my hand at amigurumi and think its so fun. Check out my little animals when you have a chance:
    Can't wait to see what else you come up with. Love the ray gun!!!!

  20. Crocheting skills and theremin skills? Awesome.

  21. morita: Thanks so much for the kind words (which my gf kindly Google Translated for me :). Your astronaut is wonderful!

    Miss Julep: Thanks! If aliens ask me to "take me to your leader", I will point them to supremely-talented you and Martha Stewart ;)

    Crys :D: I'm happy that Bonnie nudged you to visit! Thanks so much for the link to Martha's "Manly Crochet" video, which was indeed inspiring to see! Thanks again!

    Shorty: Thanks for writing :) It's super to hear from a fellow amigurumi beginner. Your crochet Easter Critters are super cute, congratulations!

    Wren: Thanks! I'll have to think of more ways to combine crochet with the theremin, hmmm... theremin cozies? :)

    Ellie Charlie: I love your blog too! :D

  22. OMG the "commentary" and oohs and aahs of your family make this video. I love that your family was so enthusiastic about the WooFO's lift off!! That warms my heart <3

  23. Marcy: Thanks Marcy! Originally, I was going to release the WooFO from the back porch. But it was my mom's idea to bring my aunt & uncle and make a family event of the lift off. So I'm grateful for her idea and her enthusiastic cheer!

  24. I just found out how to go BACK and see your previous posts from My blog! Yay! I love your videos! AND your awesome creations! I am going to make sure my students visit your blog! WISH I had the net in my classroom! I would SO show your vids with my 'puter projector! Is there a way I can download them so they can be seen outside the net?

  25. Jana: That's great that you're teaching your kids about crochet. I'm so honoured that you're recommending my blog to your kids, thank you!

    The videos CAN be downloaded, actually. If you visit my Vimeo page, then click to the individual videos, you'll see a link on the bottom right that offers the option to download the MP4 movie file. Quicktime or VLC both play MP4 videos. I hope that's helpful! Please say hi to your talented students for me :)

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