Sunday, May 10, 2009

Plain Plane

It's Mother's Day and my mom is in China. She flew there last week with her brother, as part of a well-deserved vacation.

To celebrate both Mother's Day and her high-flying voyage, I crocheted her this airborne gift:

The Plain Plane! It's made less plain by its banner, held up by beading wire.

Like the BubbleGun, the Plain Plane is environmentally-sound: 100% powered by human hand propulsion. The wings and fins are reinforced with aerodynamic recycled cardboard, though the ride is still turbulent.

My girlfriend recorded this video of two different planes sharing the same airspace:

Mom, if you're reading this from China, I hope you're having a fun-filled adventure. You are a plainly-perfect mom.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Neat! I used to work at an airport . . . well, years ago. This would've been a huge hit with everybody!

    Hope your Mom's having a good time in China. Oh, and thanks for unintentionally reminding me to get off my butt and call my mom today!

  2. When you worked at the airport, your co-workers must have loved your crochet!

    My gf also works at the airport, so I'll test out the hit-potential of this lil' plane, thanks :)

    I'm glad your mom receives a happy call from you. Please tell her I said hi :D

  3. What a beautiful airplane--- and banner! How wonderful for your mom to know just how much you all adore her!

  4. Thanks Kathy!

    I started working on the plane the night before my mom left for the airport, and finished when the sun rose! So I was grateful that her flight was in the afternoon, or else I would have been too asleep to present the gift :)

    I hope your Mother's Day was happy-happy!

  5. Hallo, very nice to find you in the world of crochet blogs! I've linked to your blog from mine, I hope it's ok with you!

  6. What a sweet gift! Wishing your mom safe travels and a lovely time abroad :)

  7. Another superb job!! And what a sweet sentiment for your mother! Wow!!

  8. Kajsa: I'm glad to have found you as well! Thanks so much for the mention, and I'll be following a translated-to-english version of your blog too :)

    whitepaw: Thank you! I'll pass on your kind wishes to my mom when I hear from her :)

    Miss Julep: Thanks so much for your sweet encouragement too! :)

  9. Wow, super awesome gift for mom!! You always impress me with your creativity and imagination!

  10. TADA'S Revolution: Thanks so much!

    I've been knocked out by your imaginative bears & photos for a long time now. You've created such an adorable and adventurous world at your site!

    Thanks again :)

  11. Hi!
    I love this plane!!! Hope your mum is happy)))
    Can you please write the pattern to this plane???
    Thank you.

  12. beethe: Thank you! Yes, my mom has the plane up on the mantle :) I rushed this project, so I never wrote a pattern (or even notes). The plane's body is a relatively simple tube that gradually decreases. The trickiest thing for me were the plane's wings&fins, which have cardboard supports inside. I cut the five cardboard pieces first, then single-crocheted around each piece before stitching them on. Good luck :D


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