Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bubble Trouble

The last time a mysterious briefcase arrived on my doorstep, I discovered a ray gun that accompanied me on an intergalactic rescue mission. So when a new briefcase appeared, I knew it was hero-time!

Packed in pink bubblegum, the weapon-of-choice was revealed:


A BubbleGun can shoot bubblegum bubbles that will immobilize all enemies. It is a hybrid ray gun—powered by electricity and air—that has the added advantage of energy-efficiency. The disadvantage is its high cost: 25 cents per dozen bubble shots. Exact change only.

This side shows the BubbleGun's air intake vents and power button:

Would I prefer that the gun was Race-Car Red or Midnight Black? Yes, but I've never surrendered to society's colour stereotypes. Pink or not, I was going to inflict some bubble trouble!

But my sister angrily snatched the gun away and insisted the briefcase was addressed to: "The Bubblegum Bounty-Hunter". She had been saving up quarters for weeks.

Before she left, I asked my bounty-hunter sister to demonstrate the BubbleGun on video:

She has since flown off to some heroic adventure in space, blasting bubbles at alien fugitives.


I wanted to stay home anyway.



  1. Wow! That is fantastic. Love the sound effects, they're perfect :D

  2. Love love love your work, and your sense of humour!

  3. I just came across your site and just love what you do :) It's such fun. It makes me smile.

  4. aaah its piiink!! I love it :D

  5. Of course pink is the perfect color! Who's ever heard of a red or black bubble gum gun--- not me.
    Loved this! Your sis is such an awesome space-warrior!

  6. Max: Thanks! It was so much fun adding sound effects to an otherwise silent creation. The sounds are from the great freesound project.

    Everyone should visit your Max's World site to view your incredible "Knitimation madness"! I particularly liked Learning to Knit.

    Megan: Thanks so much! I love love love your generosity :D In person, I'm not known as the funny guy in the room (unlike my gf, who can make people laugh to tears). So I'm happy to hear that I can provide laughs online :)

    GinaTricoteur: I'm glad you popped by the site because I got to find out about your Inspirational Snippets site! Congratulations on teaching your talented son how to knit :)

    mochaxlight: Thanks! When my sister retires from her weekend space career, I'll tell her that you would be an awesome Bubblegum Bounty-hunter! ;)

    Froo: Yes, it's very pink in this blog post, isn't it? haha Thanks for writing!

  7. I admire your work so much, (and your presentation is phenomenal!). I showed my husband your blog last night and he has started crocheting himself today! I linked back to this blog on my blog about it today!
    Thanks for inspiring my husband to do something crafty!

  8. Thanks, Kathy! A black BubbleGun would probably mean one thing: licorice-flavoured gum, yick. And red would probably stain my gums & teeth. You're right, pink sounds about right! ;)

    Yes, my sister can be an intimidating warrior, and I'm grateful that she posed for the photos & video in the chilly afternoon weather.

  9. Simply EC: I'm overwhelmed by your blog post, and I'm grateful if this blog had a small part in inviting your husband to the growing crochet army! :)

    Personally, it has been a treat to crochet with my gf, as we learn from each other and talk (yarn) shop. I hope you and your bold husband become Northern California's Crafty Power Duo!

    Thanks so much for writing, Erin :)

  10. This site is awesome. I have been a crocheter forever, and you're projects are beautiful. It is so cool to see a guy interested in yarn crafting, I have been trying to convince my hubby to learn for years :)

    If you don't mind I would like to post a link to this blog on MY blog (

    Happy Crocheting...

    Julie (Spider)

  11. Dadgum! That's the cutest thing ever! You are one mad crocheting scientist for sure!!Each adventure is even funnier than the previous! Thanks for the pink bubble fun!

  12. I am a huuuge fan of your work! I look forward to more of your genius in the future! :)

  13. ah! This turned out great! Love the photo shoot and the Lesson on how to use a bubble gun! :) so fun and creative!

  14. Wonderful & all that pink : )

  15. Oh, that is so great! The video on how to use the gun was excellent as well.

    I've nominated your blog for an award, by the way:

  16. Love this! Your sister is just adorable!

  17. Julie: Thanks! I wish I've been crocheting since forever, as you have :) That's so nice of you to mention me on your blog.

    I hope your husband tries crocheting! It has been fun to share this yarny hobby with my girlfriend.

    Miss Julep: That's my first "dadgum" comment, yay ;) I will keep the mad scientist fun & funnies bubbling for you!

    Sandy Meeks: Thanks! I recently told my gf that your work makes me want to cry. She replied: "What? That's crazy. What do you mean?" So I showed her your coral reef and your flower necklaces, which we oohed & ahhed over until my gf said: "Okay, you can cry now." :)

    Rebekah: Thanks! The photo shoot was fun and made possible by my sister (the model), my mom (who held onto the balloons), and my gf (who also held balloons & a light reflector board). Without them, I'd have to grow six more arms :D

    Alisha: Yes, there's a lot of pink going on in these photos! I feel bad for all the people who don't like pink :)

    Wren: My sister and I both thank you! I wish I could write like yu.

  18. Runs in the family, does it? LOL

    I could never have this. I'd eat all the bullets.

    Good job, as always!

  19. Thanks so much for sending people my way Howie! Really appreciated.
    Can't wait to see what fun scheme you come up with next :D

  20. Kitty Ballistic: Thanks so much for the kind mention on your blog! "Lovely" is a flattering description! :)

    JenGoPop: Thanks! Yes, I'd also eat the gum bullets. Since this project, I chew gum whenever I'm working (vs. taking snacking breaks all the time), so hopefully that becomes a health benefit ;)

    Max: Your stop-motion animation must require such incredible patience. I admire your dedication and willingness to work by yourself for such long stretches of time!

  21. OMG! I just found you on twitter! ( I'm now following you). LOVE your creations. I'm an avid crocheter, but don't have enough time to be SO creative. Glad you're on it!

  22. Thanks Kelly!

    Judging from your wide range of clever creations and beautiful photographs on your fun Hart 2 Heart blog, I think you are overflowing with creativity!

    It'll be a treat to follow you on twitter as well :) Thanks so much!

  23. Patterns! I want patterns!

    I'd pay for them - have you tried Etsy?

  24. Kate: I'm looking into pattern-writing and Etsy for my second year, thanks :) The next things to learn!

  25. im just an anon at the moment and came across your site...You are here-by my god :) Love your sense of humour and all of your creations. Im still searching the site but hope to find a pattern or two, as i havent been learning long and need patterns deparately :D but many thanks for the amusement you gave me ^-^


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