Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hare Cut

Since 1993, the person responsible for my multi-coloured hair has been a talented stylist named Jeannie.

MJ goes to the same salon, and discovered that Jeannie likes morbid fashion accessories, such as skulls and eyeballs. (In the 1980s, Jeannie was her small town's rare, rebel punk-rocker teen.)

Recently, Jeannie reached her 25th anniversary as a hair stylist. To celebrate this milestone, I made her this macabre necklace out of yarn and fishing wire:

I hope these snippy scissors and unlucky rabbit bring you luck, Jeannie! As pixelhazard says: "...if a rabbit's foot is good luck, the whole dead lot of him should be super good luck."

Hooray for standing out from the crowd and for encouraging individuals to do the same!


  1. I suppose if a rabbits foot is good luck the whole dead lot of him should be super good luck

  2. pixelhazard: I just quoted your awesome comment into the blog entry haha Thanks!

  3. That's a neat idea! I've never even thought of combining crochet and fishing wire to create something, well, almost sculptural. It's great. :3

  4. I just love reading your blog, you always make me laugh and expand my mine, you are a creative genius!!!

  5. Oanhderbread: That's also what the bunny said, before the Incident: "oh my!" :)

    Megan: Thanks a bunch :) Beading wire and/or fishing wire is also a super photography prop! I've used it to hold up/pose many crochet critters in the air and in the water, etc...

    RedFlame: It's great to hear from you and to hear that my blog is bringing you laughs! I'm far more wannabe-comedian than anything else, haha Thanks!

  6. Two thoughts:
    1. I love the bit of red yarn tufts you worked into the pieces. It gets the point across without being heavy. :)

    2. I am a dingbat. I didn't read the headline for this post. I just jumped irght into the text and photos, so when I got to the photos, I wasn't thinking HARE CUT. I was thinking RABBIT SCISSORS??? I looked back up to the headline and kind of had a Homer Simpson moment then. D'OH! :)

    Original work as always!

  7. Hare today, gone tomorrow (sigh) . . .

    That's some good comic carnage you made there. :D

  8. Amy Lynn: I'm glad you mentioned the red tufts! It was a happy accident where some red yarn had unraveled to reveal that blood-spray look.

    The rabbit was chosen only because Jeannie liked a rabbit-zipper pull that I had crocheted for MJ. So you're right not to have gotten the Hare Cut pun right away since the pun was accidental anyway haha

    Thank you!

    JenGoPop: Your hare-raising pun was no accident ;) After making & seeing many crochet animals, I must admit it was fun to create an amigurumi massacre!

  9. That is wicked. I love reading your blog, you always got something great going on and your creations are absolutely fab!

  10. I've discovered your blog just yesterday and am loving it so far. My four year old boy also loves it and has asked me to crochet something like this for him. He loves ami toys and has a bit of a taste for blood, as I can see now.


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