Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Woomi at Play: Bubblegum Bubbles

With the approach of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, the city is busy completing construction work. Meanwhile, I'm working on an Olympics-related yarn bombing project that will debut soon!

I'm also working on a drawing for KNOW: The Science Magazine for Curious Kids. The cover will be revealed in the Mar/Apr 2010 issue, but here's a peek at the bubblegum-blowing star:

Coincidentally, Woomi (my alter-ego) has been playing with bubblegum bubbles while I've been working. Look what happened:

I hope 2010 is the year we make contact with Woomi again!


  1. I love your illustrations Howie, that bubblegum girl is very cool.
    I didn't realise that Woomi was on such a sticky but fantastical adventure, I do hope he's mobile phone comes into range soon... He does have one right?

  2. That Olympics-related yarn bombing sounds intriguing - I can't wait! I hope Woomi makes it back down okay - perhaps with some cute alien friends?

  3. Hi Howie,

    I came across your waterdrops today at the Davie Street garden and wrote a little thing about you on I wish we could have met when I was writing my book!

  4. Mel Makes Pretty: I'm glad you like the doodles! It's fun to tell mini-stories with them :)

    Funnily, Woomi still uses a pager instead of a cel. I've been paging him every day, but no return call yet. I'm crossing my fingers! :D

    Jessica: You're right, aliens could be the ones returning Woomi back to Earth! That's a fun idea for the next Woomi cartoon ;)

    The Olympics-related project has made it's main debut, and I'm putting together the pictures and videos now! You'll have a part of that project more than you realize right now... ;)

    Leanne: Thanks for the awesome blog mention and for the sneak peek to next week's blog entry! Right now, I'm editing the video footage that my gf recorded during the set-up, and I'll post that up too :)

    My sister was mentioning your Yarn Bombing book over the holidays, and I'm looking forward to reading it! I'm sure you have some fun Olympic projects developing from your yarn stash too :)

  5. Love your blog Howie, we're featuring a few sentences about it in the April issue of the UK magazine Let's Knit which is out in a fortnight :-)

  6. Howie,

    I just found your blog and wanted to tell you how awesome I think it is/you are. I've just gotten started in amigurumi and hope to be as talented as you one day! Thanks for this fun blog!!


  7. Elaine: Thanks! I'll be sure to pick up Let's Knit, which I've spotted in newsstands here :) Your magazine makes me want to learn how to knit!

    Carrie: I'm happy that my blog can accompany your amigurumi lift-off! Please let us know when you have your work online, so that we can watch your rapid progress :)

  8. See you later Woomie! Happy orbiting...

  9. TADA's Revolution: Yes, I think Woomi always wanted to be a satellite ;) Peaceful, plus amazing views up there!


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