Monday, February 15, 2010

Siamese Sightings *UPDATED*

A fun side-effect of the 2010 Olympic games has been an increase of public art in the Vancouver streets.

Before raining cats and dogs, I made a bonus raindrop to add to the Olympics-inspired sights:

This cat and dog duo are non-identical Siamese twins. Behind them, some rings from the Games:

Would you like to play a game?

I placed the Siamese Raindrop in an undisclosed location, within walking distance of some public art. Here's a clue to its secret spot:
"These twins are lit by the flicker of regal planetary rocks circa 1050, and share a bird's eye view of Vancouver-before-Vancouver."
If you're near Vancouver, you're invited to find the Siamese Raindrop! Bonus: the first photographer of the Siamese Raindrop will receive a mini prize I crocheted. Your photos can be emailed or shared on the Facebook page.

If you're far from Vancouver, feel free to guess! I'll feature the first best guesser in the next blog update, along with the first best photo.

See? We crafty people can compete in games too!

UPDATE - Feb 24, 2010:

Before game's end, I received this email from Annette in Ontario:

I was awestruck by such an accurate guess, especially from out-of-town!

Here are Catalina and Alfredog at their previously-undisclosed location, enjoying their bird's eye view from a tree near Regal Hotel:

The clue's mention of "flicker" suggests my Flickr photo account, which includes a map to the Siamese Raindrop. "Planetary rocks" refers to the Planet Rock store across the street from the Regal Hotel. Along with those details, Annette's description was spot-on!

Congratulations, Annette! You win Gold in Guessing, so I'm sending you this mini raindrop I made:

And thank you for the great guesses from karen, Kate from England, and *birdee* from Singapore!

Here's a video of more public art on "Vancouver-before-Vancouver" street during the 2010 Olympic games:

By the way, when I was up in the tree, I noticed a familiar face:

Woomi returned safely from space!

Small world, eh?

Thanks for playing the Siamese Sightings game!

UPDATE - March 19, 2010:

Annette gave a tour of Wawa, Ontario to the Mini Raindrop! Here are her fun photos and descriptions:

Raindrop reads the plaque below the Wawa Goose (who is wearing a knitted scarf!)
Raindrop hangs with the Goomees
Raindrop over the Trans-Canada Highway
Doesn't the Mini Raindrop look happy in its new neighbourhood? Thanks, Annette!


  1. doh! I was just in Vancouver but I am not anymore. Public art, you say?
    Would they be anywhere near the Inukshuk statue at English Bay?

  2. Wonderful! Wish I was at the games. Been thinking about you & yours & hoping you're enjoying hosting the world! What a beautiful city you live in.

  3. Haha, how fun! Arg, so close and so far away! I need to return to Vancouver once the Olympic madness is over. :)

  4. I'm many miles away but I see the regal is showing Planet 51, are they anywhere near there?
    Have you been able to catch any live Olympic action? We are hoping to take the family to see something in 2012, perhaps if I start to crochet now I will have something finished in time!! ** Kate **

  5. Greetings from Singapore!
    Could it be anywhere near Howe Street or Vancouver City Hall?

  6. karen: It would have been fun to sneak something onto that Inukshuk statue! Maybe MJ will crochet a warm scarf for it :)

    Miss Julep: I'm grateful for your warm thoughts, Nancy! They keep me toastier than any red mittens could :D

    lauracruz: Get back soon! :) Many Vancouverties also look forward to an end to the Olympic madness, especially in regards to traffic & crowds. Smooshy!

    Kate: I love your guess about the Regal Cinemas and Planet 51! That would've been cool :)

    We haven't caught any live Olympic action other than being in the streets during the torch ceremonies. The huge crowds are unlike anything I've ever seen in Vancouver!

    I admire your fun intention of bringing your family to the 2012 Games :) You're carrying the crochet torch now!

    Thanks, Kate :)

    *birdee*: I'm impressed by your guess, especially coming from Singapore :) Howe Street runs next to Granville street, so you were very close! Thanks :D

  7. Thanks Howie! I look forward to recieving my little raindrop! What a fun post. The only thing that would have been more fun was to have been able to find them in person. :-)

    Take care,

  8. It's Woomi! I imagine he has quite the adventure tale to tell!!

  9. It sounds like everyone has had a lot of fun in finding that special raindrop! I'm very relieved to see that Woomi has made it back safely - will he be telling us all about what he got up to while in space?

  10. Congrats to the winner! :D That was a great guess and great detective work! :D

  11. Annette: Thank you, Annette! Your online detective work was awesome to behold :) If you were in Vancouver, I'm sure your photos would have been equally amazing!

    By the way, my original intention was to hang the Raindrop from the Regal Hotel sign, as you guessed! After that wasn't possible, the tree was the backup choice :D

    KelleBelle & Jessica: Woomi recovered from his atmospheric re-entry, and he told me a jaw-dropping story about his interstellar journey. I'll be sure to draw it soon! ;)

    lauracruz: Thanks! Yes, Annette is a great detective/mind-reader, holy smokes :D

  12. Man that took me way too long to get. Raining cats and dogs! Love it!

    + pixelhazard has moved to due to FTP blogger issues. Hope I'll still be seeing you there

  13. pixelhazard: I will indeed continue to follow you at Bright Green Laces, thanks :)

    By the way, Pixel the dog was named after you! She was the first to get mysteriously adopted though :)


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