Friday, March 5, 2010


When I first spoke with MJ in 2001, we talked on the phone for hours and hours. After we became a couple in 2003, we kept on talking.

For our 7th anniversary as boyfriend/girlfriend, I made her these Communication Can-Cans:

Here is MJ can-can-communicating with me:

Honestly, I'm not much of a talker. MJ is good at talking and I'm good at listening. MJ says: "Before you paint yourself as a saint, mention that you're also good at pretending to listen." Ah well, communication doesn't guarantee agreement:

Our years together are filled with chatty goodness, even in a world of electronic distractions. The Can-Cans lack wireless Bluetooth® technology, so I created a wired solution:

For my anniversary gift, MJ painted a portrait of me in green (her favourite colour) and in orange (my favourite colour). I love handmade gifts, and her heartfelt creation was touching beyond words:

A lasting relationship requires good communication, both spoken and unspoken. Can MJ & I keep talking our talk as we walk our walk into the future together?

Yes we can-can!


  1. Aww - that is so cute! Love the 'can cans'... we totally need some of those at our house.

    Awesome art work to!

  2. Love the can-cans! You two look so great together. Happy Anniversary!

  3. You guys are adorable together, and you get along with each other's mothers... that's the real test right there. Congrats on your anniversary (is she hinting for a ring yet?).

    As usual I love your design... You have such a creative mind (OK.. a little twisted too, but that's a good thing). I think our house needs several... call it our intercan system.

    Meanwhile, Ive got to figure out the curve on a cheese doodle.

    Youre friend, the Candian trapped in the American's body,

  4. Your post is terribly funny :D
    Great idea and amazing gift ;)
    This year it will be our 7th birthday of love with my boyfriend...I'have to find a thing. But could I be so inventive as you were.............

  5. That is great. Congrats on your long-standing relationship! The both of you are quite creative.

  6. What fantastic anniversary presents! Many congratulations :)

  7. Happy anniversary you guys! Handmade gifts are the best especially by you!

  8. So cute! Congrats on your 7th anniversary. :o)

  9. Oh those photos are so cute, you & MJ are as adorable as your amigurumis! And she's quite talented, too!

  10. Hopefully someday you will propose....and you can crochet her a beautiful huge diamond ring. ;)

  11. Congratulations! Adorable and supercute!! :)

  12. PaisleyJade: Oh yes, a household Can-Can system would be harmonious for any family, except for the occasional tripping over the wires. Ah well, family communication is worth that small risk ;) Thanks!

    Annette: Thanks! I'm glad you think we look good together :) MJ's co-workers say we look alike, even though she's a recent copycat with the hair colouring hehe

    lilmimi: We do get along with each other's moms, as you figured! No, MJ hasn't hinted at a ring... We like to say that she gets all the onion rings she wants when we're together :D

    "Intercan system", I like it! Thanks, Amy :) Good luck with that pesky cheese doodle!

    Jills: Thanks, fellow-crocheter :)

    Christelle: Happy synchronized 7th Anniversary for you and your boyfriend! I'm sure you'll crochet a beautiful and personalized creation for him :) I hope you'll include it on your blog :)

    Melissa: Thanks for the congrats! MJ doesn't draw/paint often, so her creations are like rare treasure. It's fascinating to see the art that's created by people we know!

    Jessica: Thank you! I can't wait to see what amazing gifts your son will crochet in the future. It looks like he is destined to be a major fibre-arts talent ;)

    Ritapizza: Yes, I treasure handmade gifts too because they're the gift of a someone's time :) Thanks, Rita!

    Ascasewwen: Thanks for your congrats! 7 years isn't as impressive as 70 years, but it is a fun achievement :)

    KelleBelle: hehe Thanks for the amigurumi comparison! We're made of mostly fiber-filling too :) I hope you're enjoying your sunshiny BC weekend!

    Jennifer: hehe For MJ, I'll always provide her with a limitless supply of rings made from yarn! Not as durable as diamonds, but far more plushy ;)

    manchurina: Thank you for your supercute congrats! :)

    Riechan: Merci :)

  13. what a great post! and encouraging too. thank you :)
    ps. keep up the crochet!!

  14. Awww...this is lovely! I adore the gifts you gave each other! Congratulations!

  15. How clever! Love it!
    Please sheck out my new blog about shopping cute things.
    Cuties sweetspot

  16. Rachel Kate: Thanks so much, and congratulations on your recent marriage! Your wedding photos are lovely :)

    Speaking of photos, this post's photos of MJ&me were taken by my talented mom. Thanks, Mom!

    lauracruz: Thanks for the well wishes, Laura! It's so rewarding to make gifts for loved ones, as you know. Better than a toaster, at least? :)

  17. Loving your unique ideas. I smile every time I come for a visit so you have an award on my blog.

  18. Those can-cans are so cute, and great photos :)

  19. you're the cutest people EVER. :)

  20. You guys are sooo cute together! Love the cans, brilliant creation, and her artwork is adorable. I wish you many more happy anniversaries and fun/sweet gifts to come. :-)

  21. Jackie: I'm glad you like the can-cans and photos! My mom did a great job of composing and taking the photos, so I'll pass your compliments on to her too :)

    Crys :D: hehe Don't pinch our cheeks tooo much :D Thanks!

    Zu: Thank you for all the sweet wishes! I wish you and your sons a fun-filled & yarny Spring :) And Happy UK Mother's Day!

  22. Happy belated anniversary, Howie and MJ!! You guys make such a great couple!

  23. Aw, you two are adorable! Happy belated anniversary!

  24. u r both artists.

  25. TADA's Revolution: Thanks for the anniversary wishes! :))

    AniDoll: Those are our super powers ;) Merci!

    myra: Thanks for the belated goodness :)

    worksofhands: Kind of you to say, Vincent! Your beautiful embroidery is proof of your artistry too :)

  26. Congratulations! this is absolutely sweet! and great advise too :)


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