Monday, March 15, 2010


Earlier this year, Woomi departed the stratosphere after an incident with bubblegum. After his surprise return last month, I finally asked Woomi about his...


  1. haha - just bought myself some of that yesterday!!

  2. Fibre filling is the essence of life! NO stuffed animals = NO life

  3. LOL! Very deep.

  4. It's all about the filling--cookies, stuffed animals, donuts. Yeah.

  5. Fiber fill yay! Nothing like squishy polyester goodness.

    I thought he'd pull a Hitchhiker's Guide on us and say it was "42."

  6. HA HA! I'll be singing "You've lost that fibre filling...woah oh that fibre filling..." for the rest of the night :) Love the space ship, btw!

  7. ahhh, what a nice little yarn - love the WooFO UFO!

  8. Hahaha that's funny!
    Love the crocheted UFO.

  9. Adorable as always!! Thanks for a laugh!!

  10. Fiber is good for all of us, whether stitched or not... and I was thinking 42 all the time while reading this too. Keep up the fabulous work HW!

  11. Ah fibre filling - must have meant that I'm sure, what happy amigurumi would be without it?

  12. PaisleyJade: Whenever you buy fibre-filling, I hope you think of Woomi and the WooFO :D

    TADA's Revolution: That's true about fibre filling being the essence of life, at least the life of our stuffed animals :D Your stuffed animals are lucky to have such an appreciative owner!

    Anonymous: Yes, the WooFO might have made some deep statements, though I guess we'll never know. In space, no one can hear you clearly.

    JelliDonut: Cookies, stuffed animals, donuts, or even life would be empty without filling/substance of some sort, you're right. Maybe the WooFO said: "Finding Filling"!

    Jills: Yes, "42" would have been a frustrating answer to hear! I would have asked the WooFO why there are so many ways to spell fibre-fill/fiber fill/fiberfill/polyfill stuffing ;)

    JB: Now you've got me humming "You've Lost that Fibre Filling" now! Our song version should be on iTunes :)

    taffyyarn: I would tell Woomi that you think he's dreamy, but that would inflate his ego too much. He'd float away again! :)

    Elaine: I'm glad you like the WooFO UFO from last winter :) I was wondering where it was for the past year, so at least I have closure now!

    Melissa: I bet WooFO likes you too. Maybe he'll spell your name in some cornfields someday, never know! :)

    manchurina & Miss Julep: I'm glad you both found Woomi's tale funny. Only a select group of people "get" punchlines involving fibre-filling haha

    Amethyst: Yes, I forgot about the health benefits of a fibre-rich diet! It's good that the WooFO seems to be thinking about us humans in his cryptic answers!

    Jessica: You're right that most amigurumi rely on fibre filling to exist. Hmm, maybe the WooFO was only sending a message to Earth's yarn-creatures!

    AmyLynn: Thanks! 42! :)

  13. Hahaha,

    You're really talented, bravo x

  14. hahaha. I guess only those who had made a stuffed toy would relate to this. I knitted and crocheted and stuffed em.

  15. sparrowarms: Thank you :) You're very multi-talented yourself!

    worksofhands: Yes, only the stuffed-toymaking-elite can relate to fibrefill jokes, right? haha *snort* ;D


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