Monday, May 10, 2010

A Travel Suitcase and an Elephant

Last year for Mother's Day, I crocheted a plane for my mom before she flew to China for a vacation.

This year, my mom is headed to Asia again, with an extra stay in Japan. What do you give a globe-trotting mom for Mother's Day?

This overstuffed travel suitcase is filled with good wishes for her overseas adventure this month!

Meanwhile, my girlfriend's mom—Catalina—loves elephants, so I made a long-nosed keychain for her Mother's Day present:

Here's a video of two awesome moms receiving their gifts:

I hope every day is a celebration of moms everywhere, including all the moms who have passed on but remain in our thoughts.

Thank you, Moms!


  1. what a great idea !!
    looks great.
    next time maybe you should think about inserting the elephant into the suitcase as a surprise (or as a traveling companion)
    very nice indeed

  2. How SMART Howie! I love the suitcase it turned out great!!! (Hope your Mum had no problems with baggage claim- pesky airlines always trying "losing" the best looking suitcases.) Ha!Ha!
    Both your Mom(s) seems very supportive of your crocheting endeavors and videoing! What a blessing - you have much to celebrate!
    I hope your Mom has a lovely time visiting China and Japan. Thank you for sharing (once again) your lovely life and creations with us (me).

  3. They are both adorable (the Moms)! Of course the loot is too. ;)

  4. i very very like the suitcace but i think that it's too small for me.... the elephant is very cute... congratulations!

  5. Awww! You are so good to your mother(s)!! Will you please consider being my son? LOVED both projects! The suitcase with the clothes hanging out...ADORABLY CUTE!!

  6. How sweet! You are such an amazingly creative man. Loved the video too!

  7. "oh wow, that's a nice one... what is it?"

    gotta love those moments, lol

  8. Awwww... I'm going to have to start crafting some amigurumi treats for my mom (and other family members) for extra-special gifts.

    You're such a good son, Howie!!!

  9. vamdaph: How about an elephant trunk sticking out of the trunk? ;) Good idea, Daphna!

    Sharona: Thanks for your gos! "Go-go" to you and all the moms in your life too :)

    K4TT: hehe Yes, airport security may get suspicious about a suitcase that is stitched shut!

    MJ & I are lucky to have encouraging moms who are also good sports to appear on video! Thanks so much for your description of them and for your sweet wishes :)

    Isabelle: Merci, Isabelle de Paris! Where were you for Woomi's Paris-chic painting debut last week? ;)

    Sarah Z: Thanks, I agree that most Moms & crocheted-loot both have built-in "adorability" :D

    Augustine: Yes, the small suitcase only holds some mini clothes and MAYBE one contact lens! A real elephant would be able to carry much more on its back and trunk. :)

    Miss Julep: Sure, I could moonlight as your son sometime! Would you mind if I wear my beanie hat and schoolboy shorts? :D

    Anita: I'm glad you liked the video, which was recorded by my sister and then by MJ. And thanks for thinking of me as a creative man, even though I'm wearing these schoolboy shorts! I'm gonna play hopscotch!

    AniDoll: You're darn clever yourself, thanks :D

    Sparrow's Nest: hehe I didn't realize that Catalina said: "oh wow, that's a nice one... what is it?" until you mentioned it :) That would be a fun line to say at fancy art gallery premieres!

    KelleBelle: I hope you post photos of the amigurumi gifts you'll soon make for your mom and family!

    Thanks for thinking I'm a good son... Were you the one who sent that flattering reference letter to Miss Julep? ;) I'm gonna be her occasional son, thanks to you!

  10. Your mum's are so sweet! I love the suitcase :-)

  11. love the suitcase (clever about the sponge filling - read that on your FB page!)and I also love how your mum 'gets' and appreciates the whole hand-made gift thing -good job!!

  12. What a good son you are, and your Mom is a beautiful lady.

  13. how adorable! i love how you can see bits of clothes popping out of the overstuffed-ness of it all. :D

  14. Those are awesome, Howie! You're such an inspiration! One day, I hope I can make things like that! I may need some more help, though. :)

  15. S: Thanks for the mum-luv! :)

    Elaine: Yes, sponges are great alternatives to polyfibre or foam stuffing, especially for angular shapes! And how nice of you to follow the FB page AND comment here on the blog too :)

    Alma: Thank you so much for your sweet words about Mom & Son! :D

    ana: hehe Yes, it was hard to cram all the crocheted clothing and electronic gadgets in that suitcase! Woomi had to sit on it while I stitched it together. Exhausting! :)

    QueenieCarly: Thanks! You WILL make things like that and things much better than that :) And you've got all the crochet-help I can provide!

  16. I finally got to see this and it brought a tear to my eye! You are such a thoughtful son and future son-in-law(!?!). (Howie, avert your eyes, this is a private message to MJ: Sister, do NOT let this man get away!!! xo)

    I hope your mom is having a safe and exciting trip to Asia (and when she's in Japan I hope she doesn't accidentally order a "bowl of needles"!!! LOL!!!). And I think that the little blue elephant will bring much joy & prosperity to Catalina!


  17. Awww, such adorable gifts for adorable moms!

  18. ecuadoriana: Thanks for your kind words and kind wishes to my mom! (I didn't read your private message to MJ, but I hope it was complimentary! ;)

    Yes, it's preferable to eat fugu fish over bowl of needles ;)

    myra: I also subscribe to the awesomeness of adorability! :D

  19. Very nice suitcase! I am crocheting one these days for a friend of mine, nice job!

  20. Your creations are all so fun! Thanks for sharing!


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