Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Caption Needed: An Ice Cream Cone, A Boy, and His Dog

What caption would you write below this photo of an ice cream cone, a boy, and his dog?


  1. Hot dang dog my cream crashed!

  2. "That's the last time I accept a bag of 'chocolate drops' from YOU, Fido!"

  3. Amazing detail as always Howie!! The first thing that springs to my mind is 'Don't eat that yellow cone!' That dog is looking a little guilty....

  4. "Hey Buddy...ifff you want I can eat it ffffor you..."

    Such a terrific scene Howie!

  5. 'one little boy's loss is another little dog's gain'

    These are so so cute!

  6. Howie, There must be a back story to this sad little scene! C'mon, spill the beans. Or, in this case, the cone! LOL!

    My caption ideas:

    Fido says: "Don't cry over spilled frozen milk products."

    Fido says: "Now THAT'S a 'Cone of Shame!'"

    (reference from the film "Up"-
    Alpha: "Now, you must wear the cone of shame."
    Dug: "I do not like the cone of shame." )

  7. 5 second rule man. If you're going to just stand there and cry, I'll eat it dude.

  8. don't have a caption 'cuz I lOVE all of the above comments!! However I do have a comment....ADORABLE!! as always!!

  9. Boy: "DOGGONE IT!"
    Dog: "where? what? I'm still here!"

    (I don't think people even say "doggone" anymore, but they should.)

  10. I don't have a caption idea, but I'm curious as to why that dog isn't ALL OVER that ice cream cone. If it was my dog, the dropped ice cream cone would already be eaten!

  11. great job.
    boy: waah..
    dog: quick...nobody saw that!


  12. i love it!!!! these are so so cute!!!

  13. "Just trying to give Phidoux a lick, and look what happens. Wah Wah Wah!

  14. "Ummm, Whadda ya mean you can't eat it now?"

    Another priceless fiber story Howie! The expressions are perfect!!!

  15. Hehe, that looks exactly like Koby, in which case he would say...
    "Mummy, Woey (zoe), it's an icecream emergency. Little doggie was scared by a kangaroo and then I was scared of little doggie and then the icecram was scared of me and now it's all gone"

  16. We don't have kangaroos hopping around our streets it's just his word of the week.

  17. Glenn: Whenever my computer crashes, I'm going to say the same thing now! "Hot dang, my cream crashed!"

    Deadly Knitshade: Wow, It DOES look like a bag of "chocolate drops", bleh! :D

    Louise: Oh yes, yellow snow & yellow icecream should always be approached with caution!!

    Christelle: hehe "If you want..." is always a good way to ask for something!

    asweetcakes: If it's the dog's gain, at least the ice-cream didn't go to waste :D

    ecuadoriana: hehe Thanks for asking about the backstory (and for your clever captions)! I've been drawing this boy for years, here in 2002 and here in 2004. I don't know why he's a reoccurring character, but here he is again in yarn form :)

    Diane: I like how you gave the dog a no-nonsense personality :D "5 second rule, man..."

    Miss Julep: I love all the comments too :D Funnier than I could ever dream up...

    marianne: "Doggone it!" That's an expression that needs a grand return, dadgum! ;)

    Lisabee: Would a real dog eat the ice cream in a flash? I'll have to test that out at the dog park! :D

    worksofhands: hehe Your dog thinks on his toes! "Quick...!"

    Augustine: I'm glad you like them! They were fun to make & photograph :D

    Heather W. Torrance: I can imagine the dog imagining that question! "Does this mean I can eat it?"

    Call me Mimi: I like how you made the boy talk-it-out before crying haha

    K4TT: That's true, a dog might see the sidewalk as just another serving plate!

    Mel Makes Pretty: In your version, I wonder who ate the ice cream in the end? The boy, the dog or the kangaroo? hmm... ;)

  18. Love this Howie - so sorry but I'm one of those unfortunate people who go totally blank when it comes to thinking up witty captions... but I did laugh at the cone of shame one - so good!

  19. I can just hear that kid screaming, in the loudest, whiny voice ever.

    Good job, that's adorable! ^0^!!

  20. This is so cute! I just want to snatch it up and smush it! Kinda like smushing a baby's fat cheeks!

    When I saw the little guy this popped into my head:

    "You dropped your ice cream, now you don't got none, na na na na na!"

    I'm channeling both my sister and Eddie Murphy while typing this.

  21. "The Physics of Ice Cream in Summertime"

    Love the dog, I LOVE weiner dogs!! I hope his name is "Oscar" :)

  22. "I scream, you scream, we all scre -- WAAAAHHH!" (insert fumbling sounds where dashes are)

    But my favourites are 'cone of shame' and 'don't eat the yellow cone'.

  23. well, obvious, I would place a "Wheee- eeeeeh" above the boy, and the dog would think "strange folks those folks ..."
    -then the same image while the dog thinks: "first he throws it away ..."
    -same image, dog: "and then he makes that unhappy noise!"
    -next image the dog looks at the cone "should I eat it?"
    -looking at the boy: "but he really looks upset"
    -looking at the cone: "but I love it !!!"
    -the dog eats the cone
    (while the "wheee- eeeeeh" allways stays with the boy)

  24. Dog: "what flavor is that cone? ..looks good" XD

    Love the emotion on the dog's face! Nothing's better than having ice cream near the summer times. =)

    Dog:Quick! Use the force!!

  26. I don't know about the caption but I <3 your work *beam*

  27. "Would it be inconsiderate for me to eat it?" -the dog

  28. You could have just handed it to me...

  29. PaisleyJade: Thanks! Yes, ecuadoriana's "cone of shame" is funnAY!

    TADA's Revolution: I wonder if humans ever ask about food that's fallen on the floor. "Are you gonna eat that?" :)

    Lingokin: I can also imagine his loud high scream now, like a siren :D

    Judith: Wow, if you smushed this boy, the siren screams would be deafening!
    Congrats on enduring your sister's taunts while growing up, by the way ;)

    KelleBelle: Oscar the wiener dog? Perfect name! Woo Trivia: Did you know that my original name was Oscar? *ruff ruff*

    Viola: Any ice-cream scene requires an "I scream, you scream" chant!

    ShirleyGreeny: Multi-panel captions... super! Like an animated short film with asweetcake's dramatic tagline: 'one little boy's loss... is another little dog's gain'

    JCY-works: I like how your dog is subtle about wanting the ice-cream hehe "what flavor...?"

    Arlene: Wow, the Force is strong in this one dog!

    Kim: Thanks for your sunshiny *beam* :)

    Sparrow's Nest: Aww, I like how you gave dog has such good manners! "Would it be inconsiderate...?"

    Amethyst: And I like how you made the dog so no-nonsense ;)

    BeyondStitches: Thanks! Yes, this is technically beyond cute because it's from my Beyond Cuteness 201 course ;)

  30. Haha! This is too cute!

    #1 Dog: "What are you crying about? A little dirt don't hurt!"

    #2 Dog: "It was to much for YOU to eat anyway"

    #3 Dog: "You had your chance to eat it, now it's my turn."

  31. The first thing I thought of when I saw that picture was the chocolate ice cream cone song my dad used to sing to me when I was little.

    "...and coming home I stubbed my toe upon a great big stone. And need I tell you that I dropped my chocolate ice cream cone? And then a puppy came a long and took a great big lick. *slurp* And so I hit that mean ol' dog with just a little stick. And he bit me, where I sit down, and he chased me all over town..."

  32. I just love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Momie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  35. I don't have any better captions than what has been posted but I just have to say I really really love this set. The dog is HI-larious.

  36. Samantha: Thanks for the triple scoops of funny doggy dialogue! :D

    Meg Wesley: I love the lyrics to that Chocolate Ice Cream Cone song! I found this sung performance on YouTube too, thanks :)

    Anonymous: Topical! :)

    Nadine: Thank you, I'm glad you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Anonymous: Yes, if all else fails, it can help to call for Momie :D

    leesasaur: Wow, what an obedient dog! :D

    Knot By Gran'ma: I dropped a chicken drumstick today and said the exact same thing in the exact same way!

    BeBe Babies: Thank you! The dog especially loves being called HI-larious, by the way :D

  37. Wuuuäääähhhhhh

    (german umlaut is the aproperiate sound for that situation :)

  38. Khaaaaaaan! (Star Trek reference)

  39. "Um... I don't see the problem."

  40. My momma said if I'd be good
    And do the things she said...
    She said if I'd help clean the house,
    She'd make some gingerbread.
    She said if I would sweep the floor
    And watch the telephone,
    She would send me out to get
    A chocolate ice cream cone.

    And so I did
    The things she said,
    And she made
    Some gingerbread.
    And then she sent
    Me out alone
    To buy myself
    A chocolate ice cream cone.

    On my way home I stumped my toe
    Upon a great big stone.
    And need I tell you that I dropped
    My chocolate ice cream cone?
    Along then came this big old dog
    Who took a great big lick,
    And so I hit that mean old dog
    With just a little stick...
    And he BIT me
    Where I sit down!
    And he chased me
    All over town.
    And now I'm lost,
    Can't find my home,
    All because of
    that chocolate ice cream cone.

    This was a song my dad used to sing when I was little, and as soon as I saw your boy with ice cream and dog, this was what I thought of...even though your dog is obviously better behaved than the scoundrel in the song. LOL

  41. I just love all your work, so unique and captivating!

  42. I just love all your work, so unique and captivating!


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