Sunday, June 27, 2010

MJ Takes Flight

It was MJ's birthday last week, and we celebrated with her family over pizza and cake. Afterward, we opened presents!

Here's a video of MJ unwrapping the gift I made for her (and of her):

MJ Takes Flight

MJ Takes Flight - Front

The next day, MJ flew to Los Angeles for a 10-day reunion with longtime friends from the Philippines. Just last year, she flew to the Yukon with her sister. Hooray for your skyward spirit, MJ!

MJ in Flight - Back

Have a fun trip and a safe flight home — steer clear of any Canadian geese. Meanwhile, all your loved-ones look forward to your graceful return to the home runway, at least until your next high-flying adventure!

MJ Holds "MJ Takes Flight"


  1. Great Story & this Ami is awesome !! I hope MJ has a wonderful trip!!

  2. Awww... cute and I hope that MJ has a GREAT trip :)

  3. Fantastic gift!

    I hope she has a great, safe trip. :-)

  4. What a sweet gift! I love the little stuffing vapours from the back of the plane. Safe journey MJ! And Happy Birthday!

  5. Oh my !! Super cute, Howie! You are both the cutest. cute cute cute cute !

  6. How sweet! You are the coolest boyfriend and you make the cutest amigurumis!!!

  7. YES ,he is truly Awesome and a one-of-a-kind boyfriend! :-)

    Thanks to all the well- wishers :-)

    I am having a great time in L.A and missing you at the same time..I'm a multi-tasker too you know! :-p

  8. I love it! What a cool idea - hope she has a wonderful trip.

    Well done Howie!!

  9. so sweet! so wait, is it a suction cup? cause that is a cute idea i would want to investigate.

  10. Soooooooooper cute!!! Happy belated birthday MJ!!!

  11. Goodness! you guys are so very cute together. Happy B-day to MJ and congrats to you Howie on another adorable project.

  12. Amazing!
    It's really a beautiful attention ;)
    Happy Birthday MJ!

  13. Alisha: Thanks! Yes, MJ has been enjoying a fun trip so far. She's told me all about the delicious restaurants they have there too!

    breakmydreams: I hope she has a great trip too, thank you :) She'll bring you back a keychain hehe

    Anna: Thanks :) I kinda forced MJ to open the gift in a parking lot, so I hope she liked unwrapping the gift despite everyone looking at her haha

    Cora: Thanks for liking the design :) I must have been influenced by Snoopy the Flying Ace? I also made this concept sketch beforehand :)

    Annette: hehe I love that you can instantly recognize the vapours as stuffing! You've got the sharpest of eyes :)

    Missy: Thanks for all the bundle o' cutes! You and Raoul are super cute together as well! :)

    TADA's Revolution: MJ thanks you! She's videotaping her LA adventures, and I may edit the footage together someday :)

    BeyondStiches: hehe I'm glad you think I'm a cool boyfriend. MJ endures a lot of my eccentricities and grouchy spells, so I'm lucky she puts up with me too :D

    Mary Jane: You're too nice, I miss you too :) But I hope you enjoy every sight/sound/flavours of the city! That burrito restaurant you visited yesterday looks decadent & delicious!!

    PaisleyJade: Thank you! MJ's having a super time. And I'm happy she's with her friends when she travels. I'm a fussy and reluctant traveller: "Where's the wi-fi here?" and "This tap water tastes yucky!" ;)

    leesasaur: It's not a suction cup, despite appearances :) It's just a cut piece of plastic from my collection of recycled packaging materials! In retrospect, I should've added a ball in the center of the propeller...

    Amigurumi with suction cups though? Good idea you've got there! ;)

    KelleBelle: Thank you! Birthday wishes are extra special when they're from talented knitters in B.C. :D

    Amethyst: I'm happy you think we're cute together, thank you :D When MJ isn't traveling, we're usually hidden indoors, and only the house plants get to determine our cuteness-quotient ;)

    Christelle: Thanks a bunch! I always love seeing your egg-avatar :D

  14. what a sweet gift! Snoopy in his plane, yes :-)) but much, much cuter!

  15. This is so cute !
    I like the way your characters always look like the real ones !

    I would be so proud if one of my friends could be able to do that and offer me an original gift as you do !

    Bravo as we say in French !!

  16. I can't wait to see it!! It seems like these days, LA is my second home

  17. This is incredible! You are so gifted and I love following your work!

  18. Happy belated birthday dear MJ!
    and have a nice and safe trip :)

  19. die kleene: hehe I'm relieved that MJ didn't meet the Red Baron!

    Kim: MJ was feeling lucky too until she was in mid-air and realized I hadn't crocheted any landing gear!

    Nadine: Thank you, Nadine! MJ's eyebrows make it easy to crochet or draw her, thank goodness. And I agree that your friends should make more gifts for you, since you appreciate original gifts :)

    TADA's Revolution: I hope your TADA critters are soaking up the LA sun! They must feel like fuzzy celebrities when they're sauntering down Hollywood Blvd :)

    cpeezers: Thank you for following my work :) I'm lucky that everyone who receives these gifts also allows me to feature them here online too!

    zuperdizigh: MJ thanks you! She just returned home safely tonight, hoooray :))

  20. How fun! What a lovely ,adorable gift for your sweet girlfriend!

  21. Oh my goodness!!! I finally got a chance to check this out!


    First off, what a great gift! Second, what an incredible likeness of MJ!!! The hair, the eyes, the smile... Well, I suppose that comes from a combination of your amazing artistic talents and the fact that you get to stare for many many hours into MJ's beautiful face and eyes.

    What a lucky man you are- and what a lucky lady MJ is for having your love, friendship, and support. I am sending blessings to both of you to have a lifetime of love and happiness together!

    Zoom zoom!!!


  22. That last picture is so stunning:) Hope MJ's trip was a fabulous one!

  23. Miss Julep: Thank you! Yes, MJ is a very sweet person :) She has many friends and co-workers who want to hang out with her, and I don't understand why she'll usually choose to hang out with me! :D

    ecuadoriana: hehe I love how you describe me staring at MJ's face & eyes for many many hours :) Actually, I don't look at people in the eyes for very long, even MJ! Though, you're right, even brief glimpses can add up to a very long stare after nine years of knowing someone ;)

    Thank you so much for your sweet wishes for us :))

    Maven: I'm happy that you like the last pic! When we were walking to the location of the bird-graffiti that day, I realized I had forgotten my DSLR camera. So I used the point-and-shoot camera instead (Canon 780 IS). MJ kindly posed for about seven shots while onlookers watched, poor her ;)


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